Digital Banking in Sri Lanka | Nations Online Banking | Nations Trust Bank (2024)

Welcome to a sleek, simple and seamless experience

To bring you a banking experience that works seamlessly with your transactions, your familiar Nations Trust Bank's online banking portal is upgraded to a simpler and user-friendly interface.

Who can get registered?

Nations Trust Bank customers (non-Business) who has a,

  • Active Savings or Current accounts
  • Debit card issued by Nations Trust Bank PLC or
  • Credit card issued by Nations Trust bank PLC

Nations Direct Online Banking is supported on your favorite web browsers Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari and Opera.

How can you update the username and password?

  • If you are our previous online banking service user, please use your existing username and password. In the event you forgot login credentials, use forgot username and password to reset.
  • Anyone register with Online banking service can follow fully digitalized registration process without any branch visits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Nations Trust Bank customers (non-Business) who has a,

  • Primary Credit Card,
  • Active Savings or Current accounts or
  • Customers who have Proprietor savings or current accounts
  • Mobile number and the current email address must be registered with the Bank
  • Should be an active Account holder, Primary Credit Card or Debit Card holder of Nations Trust Bank

You can register via Nations Direct using one of the three methods mentioned below;

  • Nations Trust Account
  • Nations Trust Bank Debit Card
  • Nations Trust Bank American Express / MasterCard Credit Cards

Note: Signing up using savings and current account option is available, with a digital two factor verification coupled with a digital high risk verification process via the platform itself.

You can register by yourself using any of the above options. Once you submit the required (Account Number, Credit Card or Debit Card number) you will receive a verification code/s to the registered Mobile number.

After keying in the verification code, first create your username (should be minimum 4 characters) and Password (Password should be as follows).

  • Minimum 08 and Maximum 30 characters
  • At least one upper case letter
  • At least one number (0-9)
  • At least one special character out of @#$%^_-+.
  • Reconfirm the password

Have more questions?

View all FAQs

Yes. Joint account holders can sign up for Nations Direct.

In situations where operating instructions of the Current & Savings (CASA) accounts are “either party”, it isn’t mandatory for all parties to sign up for Nations Direct for transaction purposes. If the CASA operating instruction is “All of us”, all parties should sign up for Nations Direct in order to perform transactions from that account.

When joint account holders with the operating instructions “All of us” attempt to perform a transaction, it will be notified for all parties for approval/rejection via a notification in-app/ within the portal, SMS or Email. The transactions will not be completed without all parties approving the transaction.

You can call the 24*7 Contact Centre from your ‘registered contact number’ on +94 114 711 411 or visit the nearest Nations Trust Bank branch and get your information updated.

You may also use the “Service Requests” feature to send an authenticated request to us via Nations Direct. The “Service Request” feature is under “More” in the Mobile Banking app and in the side menu in the Online Banking platform.

You can simply use the “Forgot Username” option to retrieve your username and use the “Forgot Password” option to reset your password on Nations Direct.

If you are migrating from the Old App/old online banking to Nations direct you may use the above approach to do the same as the moment the new App is downloaded to your Mobile device your saved username will not be visible the first time you try to log in.

In terms of Online Banking, you will have to key in your username and follow the above process on a browser.

Mobile App

We use 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to encrypt your personal information such as User IDs, Passwords and account information. We also use multifactor authentication that verifies that you own the accounts you want to access when you first log in using the Nations Mobile Banking Application. To do this, you will receive an email or text message at the time of registering for the service.


Yes. However, you should check on your wireless carrier charges, roaming fees for your service plan. Please note that Mobile Banking may not be available in all locations, even if you have access to a cellular network (sanctioned countries).

We highly recommend not to use Nations Direct while on the free public internet, as your credentials might get compromised.

We highly recommend not to use it while on a free VPN service, as your credentials might get compromised.

Biometrics are biological measurements — or physical characteristics — that can be used to identify individuals. For example, fingerprint mapping and facial recognition are all forms of biometric technology, it helps to uniquely identify you.

Mobile App

Yes, you can. When you register for the first time to the service, the process will prompt you to register your Biometrics. If you happen to skip it, go to “Settings” section again where you can register by clicking on the “Security Settings” Options” and register. If you need to disable the Biometrics, simply go to the “Settings” section and go to “Configure Biometrics” and disable the option you don’t require.


In Online Banking, the password can be used instead.

iPhone, iPadiOS version 13 and above
Android phone, TabAndroid version 7and above

Digital Banking in Sri Lanka | Nations Online Banking | Nations Trust Bank (1)Digital Banking in Sri Lanka | Nations Online Banking | Nations Trust Bank (2)Digital Banking in Sri Lanka | Nations Online Banking | Nations Trust Bank (3)Digital Banking in Sri Lanka | Nations Online Banking | Nations Trust Bank (4)

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Using your Nations Direct, you can:

  • Pay bills, settle your American Express, Nations MasterCard credit card and other bank credit cards
  • Transfer money between Nations accounts and accounts at other banks instantly and by scheduling as well.
  • Manage your payees and billers.
  • See balances, transactions and past statements.
  • Get rewards information for your credit cards.
  • Financial calculators.
  • Send instructions.
  • Find out how to reach us.
  • User your preferred language to access the app (English / Sinhala / Tamil)
  • Change transaction limits on your own.
  • Open savings account and fixed deposits instantly
  • Get in touch with your Relationship Manager
  • Personal financial management tools to manage your funds better (Future Release)
  • A single username and password for both Mobile and Online banking services.
  • Multiple Login Options

- Password

- Face ID

- Fingerprint


Transaction TypeLimit (LKR)
Transfer Funds within own AccountsUnlimited
Transfer Funds to 3rd Party Nations Trust Bank Accounts10,000,000
Transfer Funds to other Banks5,000,000
Pay for your own Credit CardsUnlimited
Pay 3rd party Nations Trust Bank Credit Cards10,000,000
Pay other Bank Credit Cards5,000,000
Bill Payments5,000,000

Yes. It is possible. You can reduce or increase* within the standard limits of the banks by simply clicking on the “Settings” section and on “Transaction Settings” and set the amounts.

*Transactions limits cannot exceed what has been set by the bank

We will lock your Nations Direct after five (5) invalid login attempts. (Combination of Mobile app and Browser attempts)

To unblock your account, visit the login screen of the Nations Direct and select “unblock your account” option to reset.

We highly recommend carrying out a “Forgot Password” option to reset your password too.

  • Select option “Card payment” from the quick access.
  • Select “Select Institution” and key in card details you wish to make payments to.

Note: Payment method for other bank credit card payments will be CEFTS. However, the Card payment update will depend on the other bank processes and systems, NTB will not be responsible for any delays.

Utility TypeMobile Banking Reference Number
Telephone Bills


10 Digit Phone Number


10 Digit Phone Number


10 Digit Phone Number


10 Digit Phone Number


10 Digit Phone Number


10 Digit Phone Number

Utility Bills


10 Digit Account Number


10 Digit Account Number


12 Digit Account Number

Access Natural Water (PVT) LTD

6 Digit Account Number


8 Digit Account Number


Sri Lanka Insurance General

7-18 Digit Policy number


14 Digit Policy number


14 Digit Policy number

Ceylinco Life

8 Digit Policy Number

Sri Lanka Insurance Life

7-18 Digit Policy number

Nations Life

7 Digit Policy number

AIA Insurance Life

8 Digit Policy number

Nations Insurance Brokering

8 Digit Policy number

LOLC Life Assurance Limited

14 Digit Policy Number

Allianz Insurance Lanka Limited

9 Policy Number

Allianz Life Insurance Lanka Ltd

9 Policy Number

Softlogic Life

8 Digit Policy number
Other Bills

Nations Leasing

9-13 Digit Agreement Number

Colombo Swimming Club

6 Digit Membership Number

JK Stock Brokers

NIC Number

National School Of Business Management Limited

NIC Number

Royal Colombo Golf Club

10 Digit Membership Number

Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology

Registration number, Payment type, 10 Digit Mobile number and Year of Registration

Kaatsu International University

NIC Number

ANC Education

Student Registration Number

S. Thomas' College Bandarawela

5 Digit Admission Number


10 Digit Reference Number

FriMi Topup

10 Digit FriMi ID


Driver ID
Other Bank Credit Cards

Bank of Ceylon

Credit card Number
Cargills BankCredit card Number
Commercial BankCredit card Number
DFCCCredit card Number
Hatton National BankCredit card Number

Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank

Credit card Number

LOLC Finance

Credit card Number

National Development Bank

Credit card Number

Nations Trust Bank

Credit card Number

Pan Asia Bank

Credit card Number

Sampath Bank

Credit card Number

Seylan Bank

Credit card Number

Standard Charted bank

Credit card Number
Cut off TimeBefore 11.00am, 1.30pm and 5.00pm on working daysNo cut off time as its 24 * 7, 365
Transaction processing time4 to 5 hours for transactions initiated within the cut off time1 to 5 minutes (nearly Real time)
Selection of exact BankRequiredRequired
Selection of exact BranchRequiredAny branch
Beneficiary account gets credited on holidays NoYes
Account number digit restrictionFull account numberFull account number
Bank ChargesFreeLKR 30

1. Account Opening

Now you can open Savings Accounts with a minimum deposit as prompted Realtime.

Savings Accounts available for self-opening:

  • Nations Saver
  • Max Bonus
  • Mega Saver
  • Tax Planner
  • Nations Prabuddha (for senior citizens aged 60 & above)

Customers not eligible to open CASA via Nations Direct are as follows:

  • Customers who do not maintain any CASA with the bank
  • Cannot debit foreign currency accounts and open new foreign currency.
  • Cannot debit joint accounts which carries the operating instructions, “All of us”

Fixed Deposit Accounts available for self-opening:

  • Maturity Fixed Deposits
  • Flexi Fixed Deposits

Customers not eligible to open FD via Nations Direct are as follows:

  • Customers who do not maintain any CASA with the bank.
  • Cannot debit foreign currency accounts and open new foreign currency FDs.
  • Cannot debit joint accounts which carries the operating instructions, “All of us”.
Digital Banking in Sri Lanka | Nations Online Banking | Nations Trust Bank (2024)
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