Dollar Store’s Epic Character Elimination Reboot: The World’s sh*ttiest Game Show! (TWSGS) - Chapter 33 - DollarStoreFanfix (2024)

Chapter Text

Open on Kaminari & ENA sitting on a bench.

ENA: (happy) Oh, hello Kaminari! Fancy seeing you here!

Kaminari: Yeah, Zim told me he wanted to see if he could power a “Doom Ray” with my Quirk.

ENA: (salesman) That’s kinda weird. That fella told me he wanted to figure out how my cubes float so he could make a “hovercraft of death”.

Kaminari: Weird.

ENA: (meanie) Is he tryna set us up?

Kaminari: Set us up for what? Oh, maybe he’s gonna put the Doom Ray on the Hovercraft of Death!

ENA: (meanie) …Yeah.


ENA: (meanie) That guy’s so dense! …sh*t, am I becoming a tsundere?


Kaminari: Maybe we could wait for Zim together?

ENA: (meanie) Hm? Oh, yeah. Sure.

Kaminari & ENA sit on the bench together. Zoom in on the KamENAri shippers in a nearby tree.

Koopa: Looks like they’re in position.

Zim: Perfect… AHAHA! …Wait, they already did this-

Koopa: …Oh yeah, they did-

Ayano: Should we abort the plan?

Zim: No, no. It might play out differently.

Koopa: Yeah, you never know.

The three wait in the tree for a little bit longer…

Kaminari: …So, you wanna-

Kaminari gets hit in the back of the head by some f*cking cheese.

ENA: (meanie) Kaminari! What the hell?!

Ayano: …Well, that’s certainly different.

Koopa: Great, you’ve upgraded from emotionless to deadpan.

Zim: Where did that Earth dairy goop even come from?!


Red: Dessert eatin’ time! Hell yeah!

Red goes to the food generator. He types in ‘parfait’.

Red: Don’t got any idea what the f*ck this sh*t is, but it sounds tasty!

Instead of spawning a parfait, the generator spawns a large gun.

Red: The hell?

Red looks at the gun. There is a label.

Label: “Brie-zooka, from FacTorial ;)”

Red: Ohoho, big mistake!

Red runs off with the brie-zooka.

Blake: (offscreen) Oh, hi Red- WHAT THE-

A boom is heard. Cut to now.


Red is currently inexplicably hovering in the air while covering absolutely everything in cheese. The hosts come out.

Everybody: Hey, guys! What’s-

The white void is now a shade of yellow-orange.

DS: Oh, crap! Everybody, hit the emergency button!

Everybody: Right!

Everybody takes out a large, red button and slams it.

It spawns crackers.

DS: I knew this day would come.

Intr- Wait, where’s the intro?

Computer: Huh. Weird. Normally, this would be the perfect place to comedically time the intro.

DS: Eh, I’m making some important changes.

Everybody: Oooooooh.

DS: Yeah, get excited. Let’s go start the voting.

DS attempts to move, but realizes he is waist-deep in cheese.

DS: sh*t, we probably should’ve taken care of that. Computer?

Computer: Yeah?

DS: Shoot him down.

Computer: Yes, sir.

DS: Don’t call me sir. Feels too formal. We’re friends, y’know.

Computer: Yeah, the “sir” thing was a joke.

Computer takes out a shotgun, points it behind her head, and nonchalantly snipes Red out of the air without looking.

Red: (distant) sh*t!

Computer: Gottem.

Cut to the hosts with Oops onstage. They are still waist-deep in cheese.

DS: Alright, is everyone here?

Kaminari: I don’t see ENA anywhere.

Computer: Of course you’d notice that.

Kaminari: Hm?

Computer: Nothin’.

DS sinks into the cheese.

Cuphead: …Is he gonna come back, or…?

DS surfaces with ENA, who is now inexplicably back in her Season 1 design.

DS: Brie-f intermission, amirite?

DS slowly puts down ENA and sinks into the cheese once again.

Computer: …He does realize he needs to be here for OOTBIATGSFO, right?

Everybody: Probably not. Yo, dude! Get back here.

DS reemerges from the cheese.

DS: Right, right. Sorry. Forgot. Today, we got 19 votes! This means we finally beat the vote count of YAIDCOA! …YAIDCOA episode 1, I mean.

Computer: After this elimination, we’ll also hit the contestant count of YAIDCOA episode 1.

Everybody: And it only took us 13 episodes!

DS: I know, right? Anyways, onto the voting! Kaminari and TABS Unit got no save votes

ENA: (salesman) Really? Wow, didn’t expect that!

Kaminari: Aw, man!

Everybody: Cuphead and Launchpad got one each, they’re not safe.

Cuphead: Rats!

Launchpad: I can live with that.

Computer: Mr. Game & Watch got 2 save votes. No immunity for him.

Mr. Game & Watch: (sad bleep)

DS: ENA and Zim got 3 save votes! They’re not immune today.

ENA: (sad) Awwwwwww…

Kaminari pats ENA on the back.

Zim: The three people who voted for me shall be spared during my invasion.

Everybody: It’s down to Gray and Scout. Let’s show the votes!

Gray - 3

Scout - 6

DS: And with an amazing upset, Gray’s prize-streak is broken and Scout wins immunity!

Scout: Let’s frickin’ go! What do I get?

DS: Since Scout won immunity, his prize is… uh… I didn’t think of one, so… just immunity? Maybe I should just stop giving out prizes. They’re too hard to keep track of.

Scout: Works for me, I guess.

Computer: Showing the vote reasons now…

From why the f*ck is dream nagito rap battle the banner: gray my goat you're pretty good (Gray

From StellarBat: He’s a friendly flat fella :) (G&W)

From Shoop: Um... I-I don't even know where to start. I mean, do you even know who you're talkin' about? D-Do you have any idea, any idea who he is? Basically - kind of a big deal! Oh man, that's beautiful. Heh! Ya' listenin'? OK. Grass grows, birds fly, sun shines, and brotha'- he hurts people. He's a force a' nature! If you were from where he was from, you'd be f'in dead! WOO! (Scout)

From SystemGlitch405: Look dad, a goose (LP)

From Eight.: He f*cking died, and I thought that was nice. (Cuphead)

From FacTorial: Totally robbed. He deserved the WIN.

~FacTorial (Zim)

From VoltFalcon: Insert KamENAri joke here

Anyway, Zim at least was close and surprised us so that's cool I guess (Zim)

From White_Tiger: something something f*cket of dicken (Scout)

From ADAGE: One time I hit two nines in the span of like ten seconds. It was glorious (G&W)


From purple from among us: i just want dream bbq (ENA)

From Kiefsatz Hasherach: The only characters left (in this team) that I care about or I'm familiar with are: Scout, ENA and Zim. (Scout)

From starmate3: As the guy says, he’s playing goodly. (Scout)


Tiiiiiiiissssss I the lore guy i am here to give either lore or fun facts about some of you

Here have some trivia

The Scout seems to idolize Tom Jones, to the extent of buying hoards of memorabilia even before his passing, as seen in the comics.

He also has a tattoo of Tom Jones with the title "Sex Bom". (Gray)

From THEMOON_IS (not) HERE: Evolution of Porygon-Z is like, the one of the only characters from Oops! that I knew before this fanfic and she's pretty cool I think. TABS Unit is a close second. (

From (Definitely not Ringmaster): Let me learn the power of your r**z - (definitely not Ringmaster) (Scout)

From Is this necessary: He managed to finish his team's respective challenge even though the lost by a wide margin. (Zim)

From Representative for Sus Detections Ltd: [INSERT IMAGE OF SAXTON HALE] (Scout)

From Shade & Lumina:

Shade: Ok, got connection back, what did- Oh hey Devil-

Devil: NOT! A Word. And don't You dare save that Cup either. I need a break.

Lumina: Right then, anyways the ship must live on SO of course we'll be voting for Ena to be safe. (ENA)

Kaminari: What ship?



Zim facepalms.

Zim: (Confessional) This f*cking guy…


Kaminari: Have you really got a tattoo?

Scout: Yup!

Scout attempts to lift up his shirt to show the tattoo, but is stopped by DS.

DS: Anyways, he’s safe. Scout would’ve had…

DS read the votes.

DS: …Holy sh*t. Scout would’ve been eliminated with five votes.

Oops collectively gasps.

Kaminari: Whoa, that’s crazy!

Scout: Dodged a bullet, dere!

Computer: You get a car tire.

Scout is handed a car tire.

Scout: …I don’t really need dis-

DS: Cuphead and KamENAri got 0 votes, so their safe as well.

Kaminari & ENA: (simulateously) HOORAY!

Cuphead: Yeah baby!

Everybody: Launchpad only got 1 vote, so he’s also safe.

Launchpad: Nice!

The four get tires.

Launchpad: Now I have a spare for my plane!

Computer: Just like in the save portion, both Gray and Zim got 3 votes. They’re safe.

Zim: The three who voted for me here will not be spared.

Gray: Speaking of spares…

They get their tires.

DS: Game & Watch, TABS Unit. One of you geometric peeps will be leaving. Let’s show the votes!

Mr Game & Watch - 4

TABS Unit - 3

Computer: With 3 votes, TABS Unit barely scrapes out a win.

TABS Unit wipes some sweat off its forehead and receives a tire. Mr. Game & Watch sits down and sighs.

Computer: Here’s your card.

Mr. Game & Watch, the Master of 2 Dimensions

Species: Shadow Bugs

Gender: Male

Universe: Super Smash Bros.

Placement: 28/37

DS: Here’s all the voting reasons, too.

From why the f*ck is dream nagito rap battle the banner: no, i'm afraid (TABS Unit)

From StellarBat: Overrated (Scout)

From Shoop: Why did this guy debut again? I can't remember a single thing he's done. (LP)

From SystemGlitch405: Um.... (G&W)

From Eight.: A lamer version of Game and Watch. (TABS Unit)

From FacTorial: Bro literally f*cked off and didn't appear again until the end of the challenge. Easy vote, didn't even need the wheel.


Dml, spnp ebqtq diclma en V pzval gk zrywzimaz ulomyb?... (Scout)

From VoltFalcon: Yeah... Scout did nothing this episode compared to everyone else. Also he lost to Tracer on Death Battle despite being stronger that one time lol. (Scout)

From White_Tiger: more like gray doesn't plays. because where were you (Gray)

From ADAGE: You robbed TABS unit so hard in Episode 10. I’ll never forgive you (Gray)

From Certaminis: Ew, a space bug! (Zim)

From purple from among us: as good as gay men watch is everyone else is just better (G&W)

From Kiefsatz Hasherach: It'd be funny if I only vote on the ones I care about, imagine ENA always getting both save AND elimination votes from the same guy, that's gonna happen eventually. (I don't actually have prescience, I'm just stoned.) (Zim)

From starmate3: I’m sorry, but everyone else is better. Plus, did you expect me to vote anyone else? (G&W)

From Lore Guy: There are like one or two charcaters on this that i dont know much about youre one of them.

Lore guy here have some fun facts

Fun fact did you know

In the 2017 DuckTales episode "The Golden Armory of Cornelius Coot!", Launchpad McQuack stated to have a record of flying 5000 miles per hour, or mach 6.7. (Scout)

From THEMOON_IS (not) HERE: Literally works with one of the guys who had Bow Chicka Wow Wow'd his mom, Also, The track terrorizer description is...questionable… (Scout)

From (Definitely not Ringmaster): Stuck between him and Ena and flipped a coin - (definitely not Ringmaster) (Zim)

From Is this necessary: Sorry, I just like everyone else more. (G&W)

From Representative for Sus Detections Ltd: We regret to inform you that sus detections are currently unavailable due to NullCommands being on a vacation leave. (TABS Unit)

From ???: (connection Switched)

???: Augh! Bless me bagpipes, this bloody room is darker than me grannies tomb. Hmm, what's this here- IS THAT LAUNCHPAD?! Bloody hell lad what did You get yourself into?... More importantly what did I get meself into? (Leans into the voting panel, not noticing a vote was placed down) whatever, I need to get myself out of this bloody place. (Gray)

Zim: I am no “space bug”. I am the FINEST Irken invader the “Urth” has ever seen!

Kaminari: Oh boy, here we go…

Scout: Yeah, I guess I gotta be more of a team playa. Emphasis on playa.

Gray: Yeah, me too.

Computer: The portal is now open. You may take your leave, Game & Watch.

Mr. Game & Watch nods before stepping through the portal.

ENA: (salesman) Take care, ol’ pal.

Game & Watch waves as the portal closes.

DS: Alright, challenge time!

Computer: What, no recommended characters?

DS: I’ll show them next episode. I’m in a rush to get this out by a funny date in my timezone!

Computer: …I’d argue, but you won’t listen.


Cut to the hosts in front of the contestants in the void.

DS: Now, before we begin with the challenge, I have a special announcement to make!

Phil: Oh, boy. Let’s hear this one.

DS: To commemorate the fact that we’ve caught up with YAIDCOA in terms of votes and contestant size, all while keeping our resident Yansim, BBIEAL, and Undertale reps…

Ayano: Go on.

DS: I’ve decided to make the teams like the ones originally in YAIDCOA!

Axol: You mean 3 teams of 8?

Koopa: Oh, we’re gonna get one of Determination’s members?

DS: Nope!

Everybody: We’re rearranging them!

The teams are shocked.

Koopa: Aw, man! I really like my team.

Ayano: I'm quite happy with mine, too.

Cuphead: Why ya gotta do this?

Computer: Sorry. Since we’re a third through the competition, we felt that it was our turn to make teams. …Actually, it would be DS’s turn. He made the teams.

DS: Yup! Then again, it was 3 AM, so take these new ones with enough grains of salt to skyrocket a man’s cholesterol. Team 1 will be composed of Nagito… Wait, Nagito?

Oh boy, Nagito’s still here.

Nagito: Sorry to bother you, but my portal decided to close on me before I managed to enter.

DS: …Oh.

Nagito: Perhaps it’s fate. After all, scum like me shouldn’t even be in the same universe as the ultimates!

DS: No, that’s actually perfect! I’ll need you for later.

Nagito: Oh, how lucky. I’ll get to see more ultimates perform in a competition, just like in ECERA! Too bad they’ll have to deal with my garbage self hanging around them.

DS: Anyways… Team 1 will be composed of Tucker…

Blake: Good luck on your new team, Tucker.

Tucker: Thanks! Good luck on yours.

DS: …Blake…

Blake: …Oh.

Tucker: …Huh.

DS: …Phil…

Phil: Really? Wow.

DS: …Red…

Blake: …So clearly, the four of us being on the same team isn’t bias, right?

Phil: Definitely not.

Red: No way it could be.

Tucker: Not possible.

DS: …Axol…

Phil: Oh, wow. Someone who’s not a Determinator.

DS: …Speedrunner Mario…

Tucker: Wow, you and Mario on the same team? Rocky’s gonna have a field day with this one.

Blake: I know, right?

DS: …TABS Unit…

Mario: (Japanese) Interesting choice…

DS: …And Scout!

Phil: Hoo boy, Scout and Tucker are one the same team.


Blake: (Confessional) Hooray, another person to add fuel to the innuendo hellfire that is my team. The worst part about it is that they’ve got me doing it, too! It’s like Yang’s puns! …Man, I miss Yang…


Tucker: Glad to have you guys aboard.

Axol: Thanks! Kinda wish some more of my old team was with me, but that’s alright. I’ve got Mario.

Mario: (Japanese) Let’s destroy the competition together.

TABS Unit gives a thumbs up

Scout: We’re goin’ all da way.

Computer: Team 2 will be comprised of Baldi…

Baldi: Oh, that’s me!

Computer: …Ayano…

Ayano: Oh. Nice to have someone from my original team with me.

Baldi: Right back atcha.

Computer: …Koopa…

Koopa: Oh, looks like I’m with you guys.

Ayano: Glad to see that.

Computer: …Ron…

Ron: Yooooooooooooooo!

Koopa: Yoooooooooooooo!

Ayano: Uh… Yo?

Computer: …Octodad…

Koopa: Octodad! Always a pleasure.

Octodad: (happy blubber)

Ayano: (whispering) …You guys do know he’s an octopus, right?

Koopa: (whispering) Yeah, we just make him happy by pretending we don’t.

Computer: …Zim…

Zim: Great! I’m on a team with my… associates.

Koopa gives a thumbs up. Ayano just waves.


Zim: (Confessional) Those two will be together in no time thanks to my MASSIVE CRANIUM! …It would be a lot easier if our team had-


Computer: …Kaminari and ENA!

Zim: …Wow. That’s really convenient.

Ayano: Almost as if the host just decided to keep all the major pairings together from bias.

Koopa: Naaaaaaaah. That’s definitely not it.

Everybody: That means Team 3 is gonna be composed of the rest! That means it’s Gumball…

Gumball: Oh, I’m the first one who got called. I guess this is what it feels like to not be called last for dodgeball.

Everybody: …Henry…

Henry smirks.

Gumball: Try not to steal anything from our new team members.

Henry sheepishly shrugs.

Everybody: …Sans…

Gumball: You are gonna put effort into these challenges, right?

Sans: * are you?

Gumball: Fair enough.

Everybody: …Leo…

Gumball: Cool, we get a ninja.

Leo: Great to be here.

Everybody: …Plurplecliffe…

Leo: You and me again, Cliffe.

Jack: Let’s do it!

Everybody: …Launchpad…

Launchpad: Looks like I’m climbing aboard.

Everybody: …Gray…

Gumball: Oh god.

Gray: Heh, you guys aren’t ready for me.

Everybody: …and Cuphead.

Cuphead: Wow, savin’ the best for last, amirite?

Everybody: That’s all the new teams!

Scout: So, we gonna name dis team, or what?

DS: Hooooooooooold on!

Axol: What?

DS: It’s my turn to name the teams, too!

Cuphead: …Oh boy.

Computer: I… Didn’t supervise him while name making.

Everybody: I didn’t beta read them either.

DS: No beta, we die like Blake’s sanity.

Blake: …I mean- He’s not exactly wrong.

Tucker: Your sanity’s never gonna heal.

DS: Oh, speaking of healing, today’s challenge is the Hurt n’ Heal!

Leo: The what?

DS: A hurt n’ heal is when several people hurt and heal several characters until one character remains. This challenge is based on that, but instead of healing a character, you’ll have to heal a base with a character inside.

Jack: How would that even work?

Computer: Well, instead of every 2 hours, the hurts will come non-stop. You will have to hurt back the hurters and heal your own base. Your base starts with 10 health, and each hurter does 1 damage. You can only heal your base every minute, so try to stop the hunters from coming.

Gumball: Isn’t this just a tower defense game?

DS: Yes, but with added meta humor.

DS teleports everyone to three bases. Cut to base 1, which is colored purple.

DS: Your team will be stationed in this lovely purple base.

Blake: Oh, cool. Who are we defending?

DS: You!

Blake: Me?

DS: Yup!


Phil: (Confessional) She’s gonna get hurt a lot, isn’t she?


DS: To commemorate your guys’ defense of the Blakester-

Blake: Please don’t start calling me that-

DS: Your guys’ team will be named… “ Meow-Chicka-Meow-Meow”, to pay reference to a RWBY fic that most of the people here haven’t even read!

(A/N: Y’all should read React Watch Believe Yikes. It’s funny.)

Mario: (Japanese) …Interesting.

Scout: HAH!

Blake: Wait, uh-

DS: Nothing you can say will convince me not to name this team “Meow-Chicka-Meow-Meow”.

Blake: Wouldn’t it… Uh… Be annoying to write over and over?

DS: …Oh. True.

Blake: (mentally) Phew. Crisis averted.

DS: I guess I’ll just name it “ Meow-Chicka”.

Blake: (mentally) Damnit.



Blake Belladonna
Phil Eggtree


The Scout
Speedrunner Mario

Lavernius Tucker


Blake: Can I be the first to say that I hate the name?

Red: Coulda been worse.

Blake: How?

Red: He could’ve named us after that one band.

Blake: What band- Oh, of course. Ninja Sex Party. Point taken, proceed.

Tucker: Wait, how do you know that band-

Blake: Proceed.

DS: You guys will be defending against mainly husbandos.

Blake: Why husbandos?

DS: I dunno. Their leader thought it’d be funny, I guess.

Mario: (Japanese) Who is the leader, anyways?

DS: Oh, just some Roblox noob with a white hat and an orange bow tie.

DS takes out a pair of binoculars and pokes them through a hole in the base. From afar, he can see the noob in question leading an army of anime boys, and other people, but mostly anime boys.

Noob: Get ‘em! The Menagerie dies today! AHAHAHAHAH- Oh, hi DS!

DS: Hi!

DS lowers the binoculars.

DS: You guys get the advantage of having a sh*t-ton of shadows around your base!

The base is shown to be very shadowy.

Tucker: Oh, cool! Tactical advantage.

DS: Welp, good luck!

DS teleports out.

Phil: …We have no idea how to do this challenge, do we?

Meow-Chicka: (simultaneously) Nope.

Phil: Figures.

Cut to Everybody with Team 2 in a dark green base.

Everybody: Alright, guys! You’ll need to defend ya man in this green base.

Zim: Ooooh, a lair!

ENA: (happy) How exciting! (meanie) But why’s that weird white-haired guy still here?

Nagito is here.

Nagito: Oh, don’t mind me. Carry on.

Everybody: Nonono, you’re the person they're supposed to protect!

Nagito: Oh, don’t make the challenge about me. I’m sure there’s much better things for these Ultimates to do besides protecting my worthless self.

Koopa: Nah, we could totally protect you.

Nagito: Ah, thank you. That sentiment truly fills me with hope!

Everybody: So, DS gave me this slip of paper, and he said he based your guys’ team name on Nagito.

Ron: Oh, cool. What’s the name? Hope Alliance 2?

Everybody: You guys really think DS is that lazy?

Team 2: (simultaneously) Yeah.

Everybody: Yeah, so does he. Anyways, your team name is- Pfffft. It’s “ Scum Like Me”.

Baldi: …Eh, good enough.

Nagito: I’m honored that you’ve all accepted a team name that’s based on me.

Octodad: (indifferent blubber)

Scum Like Me:

Ayano Aishi



Denki Kaminari

Koopa Troopa



Invader Zim

Everybody: Your special advantage is that everytime you heal, there’s a 50% chance that you heal twice.

Ayano: So just… Luck?

Everybody: Yeah, essentially. Good thing y’all have Nagito.

Nagito: Glad to be of use for once.

Everybody: You’re all gonna be defending against some map reading bugs.

Nagito: Oh, that reminds me of a teammate of mine! Cor-

Everybody: Shhh. Map reading bugs. It ruins the reference if you flat out say it.

Zim: Who are they led by? TELL ME!

Everybody: According to the slip that DS gave me, it’s just some guy who likes Wirt. …Yeah, that’s all that it says.

Zim: …Oh.

Everybody: Welp, see ya!

Everybody leaves. How? IDK. She teleports out, I guess.

Kaminari: This is gonna be a fun one.

Cut to Computer and Team 3 in a blue base.

Computer: Okay, guys. You’ll be defending from inside this blue base. …Why do we keep saying that? It’s already been narrated- You know what, never mind.

Leo: Niiiiiiiiice. Great choice of color. Who’re we defending?

Computer: They should be here somewhere…

Someone taps Computer’s back.

Computer: JESUS, WHAT THE-

SSC: OOOOooooo!

Computer: Oh, of course. Sorbet Shark Cookie. Right. How embarrassing.

SSC waves to Team 3.


Gumball: …Yeah, I don’t speak bubbles.

Launchpad: Maybe they can use sign language?

SSC: Ooooo…

Sorbet Shark Cookie raises their fingerless hands.

Launchpad: Oh.

Computer: Well, uh… DS gave me a slip of paper with the team name on it.

Leo: Good. Change the subject.

Jack: So, what’s our team name?

Computer: He said he based it on Sorbet Shark Cookie themself. It is…

Computer looks at the paper slip.

Computer: …This is just a bunch of circles. Wha- What does this even mean-

Gumball Watterson
Henry Stickmin
Launchpad McQuack

Jack “Purplecliffe”

Sans: * …so we win the award for best team name, then?

Computer: (sighs) Sure, why not. You all will be fighting against an army of cyborgs. Mostly people with cyborg arms.

Gray: Why not cyborg legs ?

Computer: ‘Snot like Mercury Black was in ECER…

Henry: ?

Computer: Never mind that. They’re led by a… uh… Is DS messing with me?

Cuphead: Who’re they led by?

Computer: …Okay, it says here that they’re led by a very manipulative, big brain, Irish pink-haired anime girl.

Jack: Why that specific combination?

Computer: I dunno. Says here that she’s asleep right now, and doesn’t really wake up until very late, so y’all should be good. Your guys’ advantage is that you all have a moat.


SSC peeks outside a window in the base. They then exit the base and hop into the moat.

Leo: …Are they gonna be okay?

Sorbet Shark Cookie reemerges in their shark form.

SSC: Ahhhhh, that’s more like it!

Leo: Ohhh, they’re a shark. Right.

Computer: Aaaaaaaand that’s my cute to leave.

Computer teleports out.

Gumball: Do all the hosts have teleportation?

Leo: Probably.

Cut to the hosts in that one hosting room.

DS: You think people are gonna be mad that I swapped up the teams?

Computer: Probably not.

DS: Are you just telling me what I wanna hear?

Everybody: Probably, yeah.

DS: Eh, it’ll be fiiiiiiiine. …Even though I only say that when it won’t be fine. So, Everybody, how’s the TWSGS Mini cast goin’?

Everybody: It’s going pretty well! I’ve got 12 sign-ups already.

DS: Oooooh! Do tell! Actually, I think this episode’s gonna come out after the TWSGS Mini prologue, so I can just read it right now.

Everybody: Wait, but doesn’t this episode also chronologically take place before I start TWSGS Mini?

DS: Timelines be like that.

Everybody: …So will things work out?

DS: Can’t tell you that, so I’ll return the favor of telling you what you wanna hear. Your failure is as likely as Osana surviving elimination in YAIDCOA.

Everybody: …She did survive.

DS: She did? Oh, let’s f*cking go! That’s besides the point. You’ll do great!

Everybody: Thanks! You make it look easy. There’s literally no angst. Actually, isn’t the MCCM supposed to target CECU shows?

DS: They are, buuuuuuut


DS’s phone rings. His ringtone is the backing track of Freshy Kanal’s “Dream VS Nagito Komaeda” rap battle.

DS: Hello?

MCCM: (phone) Hello, this is the MCCM calling.

DS: What? You mean those guys who target CECU shows, like CCR and TWGOCBB?

MCCM: (phone) Yes. We’ve been watching TWSGS for quite a while now.

DS: Oh, you’re gonna try and take it down, then?

MCCM: (phone) Surprisingly, no.

DS: Wow, really? This isn’t a trick, is it?

MCCM: (phone) No no no, genuinely. We honestly have no ambition to cancel TWSGS. You’re not really doing anything wrong. It’s actually pretty funny how this is the only show we aren’t targeting-

(A/N: There will be no angst in TWSGS, I assure you all. I strive to be the funny show.)

DS: Oh, cool.

MCCM: (phone) Plus, the no-angst policy in the universe you chose prevents us from doing any harm, anyways. So there’s not really anyone willing to take on the case.

DS: Alrighty, then. Thanks.

MCCM: (phone) No problem. Just keep things legal… Somewhat.

(Flashback End)

DS: So, yeah. No angst. And if any of the viewers think that this is foreshadowing, it’s not. They genuinely aren’t targeting TWSGS.

Computer: Can we go back to monitoring the challenge, though? The popcorn’s done.

DS: Oh, sure.

DS looks at Meow-Chicka. Computer grabs popcorn.

DS: Wow, they’re doing SO much worse than I expected.

Computer: I know, right?

Cut on over to Meow-Chicka. Scout, Axol, Mario, and Red are currently attempting to stop the husbandos.


Axol: There’s too many husbandos!

Mario: (Japanese) I can’t hold them off!

Red: Crap!

Red flies on over to the base. Tucker, Phil, and TABS Unit.


Red: You guys good?

Phil: Not really!

The base is down to 4 HP.

Phil: Blake, are you alright?

Blake is in the Family Guy corpse pose.

Blake: (dying cat noises)

Red: Welp, that answers that question.

Phil: Who would’ve guessed? The shadows were useless!

TABS Unit looks concerned and silently taps a camera showing a view of the base.

Tucker: What is it, TABS Unit?

Pan out to reveal that the base is no longer shadowy.

Red: What the- How?!

Red looks at a nearby clock.

Red: NOON?! Damnit!

Pan out even farther to reveal the sky. The sun is directly over the base, directly removing the shadows.

Phil: Did the sun just sabotage us?

Tucker: It did.

Cue Scout getting thrown through a window. The base’s health goes down to 3.

Blake: (pained cat noises)

Scout: It’s a bloodbath out dere!

Tucker: Jesus Christ- What the hell’s going on out there?!

Cut to Axol and Speerunner Mario.

Axol: Time to fight husbando with husbando! GO!

The husbandos of the Noob’s army charge forth.

Noob: Don’t stop, guys! You got it! :3

Mario: (Japanese) Go forth! Destroy!

Cue an all-out husbando war. Scout runs back into the fray.

Scout: Uh… Who’s winnin’?

Noob: Can’t tell.

Mario: (Japanese) Neither can we.

Noob: Oh well. Send in the duck!

Axol: …The what-

A giant robot duck drops in out of nowhere.

Mario: (English) …The f*ck?

The robot duck throws a giant pie that hits both former-Team Japan members

Scout: (muffled) OW! …Dis is actually pretty frickin’ good-

Axol’s army fades away, and the Noob’s continues. Cut back over to the base. Phil is holding binoculars and looking at the ensuing robo-duck.

Phil: We’ve got company!

Blake: Eugh… How much health have I got left?

Blake looks at the HP bar.

Blake: ONE?! What the-

Red slams his stick-hand onto the “heal” button.

Blake: Oh, two.

Something hits the base.

Blake: (unamused) Oh, one.

Red: Damnit, there’s gotta be some other sh*t in here!

Red f*cks around with some buttons in the base. Meanwhile, Tucker leaves the base.

Blake: You know those buttons don’t do anything, right?

Red: I DON’T f*ckING CARE!

Red begins chaotically messing with the buttons. TABS Unit notices something and walks off.

Phil: Hey, Blake, I thought the base getting hurt was supposed to hurt you .

Blake: What? No, it doesn’t.

Phil: Really? Then why were you on the floor?

Blake: Well, remember when-

Smash cut flashback to Blake getting slammed into a wall back-first.

Blake: -and then-

Smash cut flashback to Blake getting slammed into a wall back-first.

Blake: -but what was the worst was-

Repeated smash cut flashback of Blake getting slammed into a wall several times back-first. The final one has her “You know where” getting slammed into the wall, ‘cuz that joke is pretty much obligatory at this point-

Blake: Although, that last one only happened to one of my shadow clones.


The final smash cut is played. The shadow clone dissipates.

Blake: Phew. Dodged a bullet there.

(Flashback End)

Blake: Yeah, my spine is pretty much demolished.

Phil: Yikes. Wait, how come I didn’t see that?


Phil is looking through binoculars at a base window.

Phil: Oh, silly me. I left the lens cap on.

Phil removes the lens cap, which makes him look downwards. Cue Blake slamming into the base wall.

(Flashback End)

Phil: Oh. Right. At least the groin-shot thing is happening less frequently. Didn’t even happen this time. Not to you, at least.

Blake: Yeah, now everything else in my body hurts.

Blake presses the heal button.

Blake: Why hasn’t the husbando army gotten here yet, anyways?

Phil: I… don’t know.

Blake and Phil look out the window.

Blake: …Holy sh*t.

Cut on over to Scum Like Me.

Zim: This puny bug army has not a chance against the likes of ZIM!

Koopa: Y’know, they kinda look like you.

Zim: Do NOT.

Koopa: Do too.

Zim: Do NOT.

Koopa: Do not.

Zim: You did it too early.

Koopa: Damnit.

Kaminari enters the base.

Kaminari: Ladies, ladies, you’re both pretty.

Koopa: Thank you!

Kaminari: Where’s the base’s health at? You four were supposed to keep tabs on the health.

Koopa: Oh, uh…

The base is at 17 health.

Koopa: ‘S pretty good. Y’all need us to switch?

Octodad stumbles in.

Octodad: (“Yeah, do you?” blubber)

Ron drops in. How? Don’t know.

Ron: Oh boy, fighting time?

Kaminari: Hm… I could use a break…

ENA: (meanie, distant) Kaminari! I need ya over here!

Kaminari: sh*t! That break’s gotta wait!

Kaminari dashed out.

Ron: Fetch ya woman!

Zim: Speaking of that… KOOPA!

Koopa: Yeah?

Zim: Have you received word from Ayano about our plans?

Koopa: I don’t think so. Maybe we could try another fake letter? I could be all “Dear Kaminari, please come to the benches. I’ve baked a turron for you”.

Zim: I’m not gonna be LAZY with my evil schemes. Plus, Kaminari may not be the brightest bulb, despite having a high wattage, but he’ll catch on eventually.

Koopa: True… Ayano’s come up with some plans, too. Didn’t she… do some breaking and entering? I remember she said she broke into a high-end business, stole some important documents, and got out undetected.

Zim: That was a bakery. A goth bakery.

Koopa: Still. We should talk with her whenever she gets back.

Koopa spins the wheel, which lands on “double heal”. The base is now at 19 health. Cut to Ayano fighting off a horde of insects.

Ayano: There’s so many of them…

Ayano stabs the legs of an insect with a knife. Another insect comes at her.

Ayano: Are these guys ever gonna stop?

She then takes out a baseball bat and breaks the legs of another. She noticeably doesn’t kill any. ENA runs by, being chased by a swarm.


Ayano: Do you… need help?

Kaminari: I got her!

Kaminari runs back in the nick of time. Baldi opens a can of B-Soda and blasts a nearby bug away from Ayano.

Baldi: Wow, Ayano! You’ve actually started caring. Major improvement.

Ayano: Have… I?

Back to Kaminari. He activates his quirk, causing him to glow with electricity. The bugs are suddenly mesmerized by his glow, and are attracted to him. Basically, he’s a human bug-zapper.

ENA: (happy) Oh, good thinking!

Kaminari: Hey, I’m not all that dumb.

A larger bug attempts to jump on Kaminari, but gets smacked away by Baldi.

Baldi: Your math skills say otherwise.

Kaminari: You didn’t even give me time to study!

Baldi: That was basic quadratic factoring, Kaminari.

Kaminari: Never learned it.

Baldi: You never took Algebra?

Baldi takes out a ‘Nana peel and throws it behind himself. A nearby bug slips on it, before sliding to Ayano.

Ayano: Batter up.

Ayano swings at the bug and flips it on its back. She looks towards the onslaught of bugs, and gets mildly exhausted.

Ayano: Baldi. I might need some support.

Baldi: Okay, Ayano! (to Kaminari) After this, I’m teaching you algebra.

Kaminari: Aw, man!

Cut back to the base.

Koopa: Oh, yeah! That would be such a great plan!

Zim: Haha! Never underestimate my MAAAAAAAASIVE CRAAAAANIUM!

Ron: So, uh… Am I gonna be included in this conversation?

Zim: No.

Ron: Damn, alright then. Yooo, Octodad, how’s it going?

Octodad: (quite well blubber)

Ron: Cool, cool.

Ron: Maybe I’ll speak to that weird hope guy. Nagito Komaeda on the DS. Where is he?

Ron looks around to base.

Ron: Aw, man! He dipped, didn’t he?

Nagito returns through a window in the base.

Nagito: Sorry to worry you! Not that you all should’ve worried in the first place…

Ron: The hell were you doing?

Nagito: I simply figured that scum such as myself should be of use!

Ron: Oh, cool! So what did you do?

Nagito: I’ve planted a bomb.





The Rest of Scum Like Me:

The Bugs:

The Rest of the Contestants:

The Hosts:

Everyone in the CECU:

You, the Reader:

(A/N: …)

Ron: …Where?

Nagito: Don’t worry about it.

Cut on over to OOOOOOOOO.

Gumball, Launchpad, Purplecliffe, and Sans are in the base. Sans is napping in a chair next to the Heal button.

Sans: * (yawn) has it been

He briefly wakes up to press it, and simply goes back to sleep afterwards.

Gumball: I’m glad we’re not really needed in this challenge.

Jack: Yeah. Gives us some down time. How’s Sorbet Shark Cookie doing?

Launchpad: Lemme check.

Launchpad looks outside the window. Sorbet Shark Cookie peeks out of the moat.

SSC: Hey!

They wave. Launchpad waves back.

Launchpad: They’re doing pretty good!

Gumball: Great! I wonder if they could let one of us ride on their back.

Jack: They probably know Surf, since they’re a water-type.

Launchpad: Oh, maybe I can crash them!

SSC: (outside) Please don’t!

Sans wakes up again and presses the button.

Sans: * how’re the other guys doing?

Launchpad: I’ll check that, too.

Launchpad looks out the window.

Sans: * …so, can you see anything?

Launchpad: Nope.

Sans: * didn’t think so.

Cut on over to Henry, Gray, Cuphead, and Leo. Leo cleaves off the arm of a cyborg.

Leo: Looks like you’ve been dis- armed !

Cyborg: AUGH! The pun hurts worse than being dismembered!

The cyborg gets hit in the back with a Peashooter EX shot.

Cuphead: Yowza! We’re hittin’ the big time over here!

Leo: Who still says “Yowza”?

A couple more cyborgs charge at Leo.

Cyborg: KILL THE BAD COMEDIAN!!!!!!!!!


Leo: Am I really that bad?

Cuphead: Yeah.

The cyborgs charge, but stop after hearing something.

Cyborg: …What the hell is that music?

Cue Gray riding in on a f*cking car.

Gray: OH YEAH!

Gray’s car lands directly on all of the cyborgs.

Cyborg: (weakly) Signs of life…

Gray proceeds to do donuts on all the cyborgs.

Cyborg: (weakly) No more signs of life… (dies)

Henry is standing on a hill in the background, thinking about his next move.

[Homing Missiles]

[Buzzsaws] <



Henry takes out and plants buzzsaws. These track through the ground and slice through cyborgs. Cuphead smoke-bombs through one.

Cuphead: Nice one, Henry!

Henry salutes Cuphead, but then looks over to the base. A buzzsaw cleaves straight through the base and splits it in half. Henry cringes.

Cuphead: …Less nice one.


What are you aiming at?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

[Homing Missiles] <




Henry takes out a large gun, which topples him over. He then gets up and struggles to hold the gun. Eventually, he manages to pull the trigger. The gun fires a ton of missiles and the recoil sends Henry backwards.

Gray: Ohoho, he’s playin’ with fire now!

The missiles take out a lot of the cyborgs, but some manage home onto Henry’s teammates. On hits Gray, and he laughs madly as he flies off.

Gray: Yoooooooouuuuuuu baaaaaaaaastaaaaaaaard! AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA-

Cuphead: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Friendly fire!

Cuphead whetstones off of a missile, slicing it in half during the process. Leonardo begins running away.

Leo: Okay, missiles! You ain’t ready for this!

Leo slices open a portal behind him, causing the missiles to go through it.

Cuphead: Heck yeah! Wait, uh, where’d the missiles go?

Leonardo: Uh…

A portal opens above Henry.

Henry: …What the f-

He blows up.

He never could use those properly, could he?

[Homing Missiles]



[Discord] <

Henry takes out his phone and opens Discord.

Henry: (on Discord) How do we stop this anime girl’s army?

Leo: (on Discord) I dunno. Should we take her out?

Henry: (on Discord) She’s probably still asleep, so we could get her.

The pink-haired anime girl suddenly teleports behind Henry.

Waifu: Nah, I’d win.

Henry jumps and has a heart attack due to the jumpscare.

Dread it, run from it. The waifu jumpscare always arrives.

[Homing Missiles]


[Metalbend] <


Henry moves some metal. The arms of the cyborgs all fly off.

Cyborg: OW! JESUS!

Henry pumps his fist. He narrowly dodges a large ball made of metal arms.

Henry: Whoa!

Leo: Look like you’ve all been dis- armed !


Cuphead: Leo? Get better material.

Gray: I’ll drink to that.

Cuphead: You drink to everything.

Gray: Yes, yes I do. Just another thing to drink about.

Gray takes a swig of his bottle, then chucks it at an armless cyborg. Cut back over to the rest.

SSC: Looks like they’re doing pretty good!

Gumball: Wicked!

Jack: We’re so SSCback.

Gumball: …What does that mean?

Jack: I dunno.

Cut on over to the hosts, again.

Computer: Wow, that cyborg army got DESTROYED.

DS: Damn. You think that anime girl’s gonna be pissed?

The anime girl teleports behind DS.

Waifu: No, I’m not really pissed.


DS gets jumpscared by the pink-haired anime girl.

DS: Why must you do this to me?

Waifu: For the funny.

DS: This isn’t even the first time it’s happened!


DS: Y’know, Computer…

Computer: Yeah?

DS: We should get someone to lead that army of cyborgs. Y’know, for the challenge n’ all that.

Computer: Well, there is one candidate. A pink haired anime girl.

DS: Whozzat?

The girl in question teleports behind DS.

Waifu: Me!


(Another Flashback)

DS: Man, YAECER is doing great.

Everybody: I know, right?

DS: I’ve never even played Honkai: Star Rail, and I already love March 7th.

The anime girl pops up behind DS. She is currently dressed like March.

Waifu: March 7th, you say?


(A Third Flashback)

DS: Hey, guys… Remember that one show that got cancelled.

Computer: …No-

DS: Yeah, that show. I wonder how the host is doing.

DS impatiently looks at a watch.

DS: …Where is she-

The anime girl pops up behind DS.

Waifu: Hello, cha… nurse. Hello nurse.

DS: There she is.

(Flashbacks End)

Waifu: Yeah, good times. Whelp, that’s all the interactions I’m gonna have this month. See ya.

The anime girl teleports out.

Everybody: Is she really gone?

DS: I dunno, lemme check. (ahem) Ko.

Everybody: No.

Computer: Su.

The anime girl teleports back in.

Waifu: Ba.

DS: She’s back.

Cut back over to Lavernius motherf*cking Tucker fighting the robo-duck alone.

Tucker: You wanna dance?

The robo-duck opens its chest, revealing several mechanical hands that come out and attempt to grab Tucker.

Tucker: Nice try!

Tucker takes out the Great Key and slashes through the metal hands.

Cut back over to Blake and Phil watching the madness.

Blake: Wow, he’s actually really good.

Phil: Why’re you so surprised? Didn’t he beat you in a fight once?

Blake: Oh yeah, he did. Almost forgot. I was surprised that he was able to damage my aura so much. I mean, I was faster than him, but I don’t really think I did much damage. Plus, he seemed to be about as skilled as me.

Phil: Yeah, you lost hard.

Blake: Speaking of losing hard…

Blake points towards Tucker’s fight. The robo-duck is aiming several missiles at Tucker.

Phil: …You should- You should attend to that.

Blake: On it.

Blake jumps out the window while simultaneously stepping on the heal button.

Phil: Go get ‘em, Blakester.

Blake: (distant) STOP CALLING ME THAT!

Phil: Nah.

Phil hears a blast.

Phil: Red, what did you do?

Red: Wasn’t me! Surprisingly.

Phil: Really? Then who was-

Phil: …TABS Unit?

Cut on over to Tucker facing the robo-duck’s rockets.

Tucker: …I f*cked up, didn’t I?

Noob: (distant) You sure did, lol.

Blake: Hey!

The robo-duck looks at Blake.

Tucker: Oh, perfect timing!

The robo-duck slowly begins targeting Blake.

Blake: …This was a mistake.

Smash cut to Blake fleeing the robo-duck while dodging rockets. Tucker and Red are running after the duck.

Blake: Bad idea. BAD IDEA. BAD IDEA.

Red: Get your ass back here!

Tucker: Blake! Try and hold out!

Blake: Maybe I can confuse it!

Blake sends out two shadow clones.

Clone #1: …Nnnnnope.

Clone #2: Yeah, you’re on your own. Bye!

Clone #1: Later.

Clone #1 makes a peace sign and Clone #2 woth clones dissipate.

Blake: Damnit.

Blake narrowly dodges a rocket.

Blake: WHOA!

Tucker: I got this!

Tucker activates the thrusters in his suit and jumps onto the back of the robot.

Tucker: Take (punch) this (punch) you (punch) stupid (punch) f*cking (punch) duck! (punch)

Tucker begins repeatedly punching the robot in the radiator.

Red: Get ‘em! Get ‘em!

Blake: Wait, I just realized! Who’s taking care of the husbandos?

Cut back over to Scout, Axol, and Speedrunner Mario. They are covered in banana cream.

Axol: Your pies may be strong, but… You.

Axol strikes a Jojo pose.

Axol: Underestimate.

Axol strikes another one.

Axol: My power!

Axol strikes a final Jojo pose.

Noob: Okay, lmao.

Axol begins drawing some more anime characters in his notebook.

Mario: (Japanese) Let’s do this! We shall fell the army!

Scout: Kick deir asses, pally.

Axol: Go! Goku! Vegeta! Hercule Satan! …Wait, Hercule Satan?

Goku, Vegeta, and Hercule Satan pop out of the notebook.

Mario: (Japanese) …Eh, it could be worse.

Axol: Get them!

Satan does his famous Dynamite Kick. It misses.

Noob: Wow.

Scout: …Yeah. Just… Just wow.


The Saiyans fire the Galick Gun.

Noob: …sh*t.

A good chunk of the husbando army goes boom.

Axol: Yeah! Take that!

Noob: I see. Counterpoint: I can do this.

The Noob spawns a bajillion more husbandos.

Mario: (English) Mama mia…

Cut on over to the base of Scum Like Me. Koopa and Zim are yelling at Nagito.

Koopa & Zim: (Simultaneously) Where did you hide the bomb? WHERE DID YOU HIDE THE BOMB?!

Nagito: Oh, you shouldn’t worry about that! My luck may not be a talent, but it sure is helpful at times! I’m sure whenever it goes off, it’ll help win the challenge and raise the hope of Scum Like Me!

Koopa: Wait, raise the hope of yourself, or raise the hope of the team?

Nagito: Perhaps both.

Koopa: I see…

Ron: Wait, you didn’t rig the bomb on a button, or anything?

Nagito: Oh, of course. I did set a timer, however.

Zim: How long was the timer for?

Nagito: How should I know? I set the timer with my eyes closed!

Octodad: (worried blubber)

Zim: …Why would you RIG THE TIMER BLIND?!

Nagito: Zim, Zim. My luck will hold out!

Zim: You can’t just rely on luck! I should know! You need a plan… Preferably one crafted by ME!

Nagito: Such helpful feedback. As expected from the Ultimate Invader.

Zim: Finally recognize my talent.

Nagito: However, while it may not seem like it, I do have a plan!

Ron: Gonna press X to doubt, there.

Nagito: Haha! What a clever reference.

The four fighters return. They are slightly roasted crispy, whatever that means.

Koopa: Oh, geez! You guys don’t look so good.

Ayano: Tell me about it…

Ron: The hell happened out there?

(What Happened Out There)

ENA is currently choking out a bug.

ENA: (meanie) I can do this all day!

Kaminari: Don’t say that!

Baldi thwacks a bug with his ruler.

Baldi: Yeah, usually this is when some new twist happens!

ENA: (meanie) Psssh. What could the twist possibly be?

Ayano: …Guys?

Baldi: What do you need, Ayan- Ohhhhhhh crap.

Several pentagrams appear on the ground.

Ayano: …This strangely reminds me of the occult club.

The pentagrams open up portals and several hellspawns come out of the portals. Mostly just muscular demons, but with some exceptions.

Blitzo: f*ck yeah! Time to go shoot up some- Oh, it’s you guys.

Blitzo looks at Ayano and Baldi.

Ayano: Aren’t you the… Demon that we met? From last episode?

Blitzo: Imp, actually. Yeah, that’s the place where I know you two. I don’t think we’ve formally met. Name’s Blitz. The ‘o’ is silent. Pleasure to meet you guys.

Baldi: Oh, hi!

Ayano: I guess we should introduce ourselves as well. I’m Ayano Aishi, and that’s Baldi.

Baldi: That’s me!

Blitzo: Well, sorry to cut this friendly meeting short, but I got hired to kick your asses, so I gotta do what I gotta do. No hard feelings, right?

Kaminari: No, none at all.

Blitzo: Great!

Blitzo fires at Kaminari, but he successfully dodges.

ENA: (meanie) Grrrr! You’ll pay for that!

Blitzo: Yeah, I don’t think so.

The demon army charges at the four.

Kaminari: So… Are we retreating?

Hellfire erupts from the ground.

Baldi: Verily so.

(And Back To Now)

Kaminari: And that’s what happened.

Nagito: I see… Terribly sorry to trouble you, but maybe I could be of assistance.

Ayano: We’d need the luck…

Nagito offhandedly spins the wheel. It lands on “sextuple heal”. …Somehow.

Octodad: (agreeing blubber)

Ron: Yeah. Nagito, you’re with us.

Koopa: Let’s gooooooo!

Zim: We’ll make hell an even BIGGER hellscape! Preferably a DOOMED hellscape.

Octodad: (worried blubber)

Koopa: Yep, you too!

Koopa drags an unwilling Octodad as she, Zim, Nagito, and Ron go to fight the demon army.

Ayano: Good luck.

Zim: Trust me, we already have that. Literally.

The five troopers leap out of the base. For some reason, the Mao Mao theme song is playing in the background.

Zim: What are these noises?! WHERE DO THEY COME FROM?!

Ron: I think the demons know.

Zim: Do they? Well, they should tell Zim!

Koopa: They won’t.

Nagito: How unfortunate. I’m sure you’ll be able to find out on your own!

Zim: How DARE they not tell me?! I’ll force it out of them! With lasers! Of DOOM!

Zim begins firing lasers at the demons.

Koopa: Wow, hell ain’t ready for that guy.

A large blast of hellfire engulfs Koopa. This reduces her to a skeleton. For some reason, this turns her hair light gray and her shorts, jacket, and shell backpack dark gray.

Dry Bones: …Ow.

Several more plumes of flames come up from the ground.

Ron: Awwwwwww shi-

Ron begins dodging fireballs in the BFDI pattern

Ron: Whoa, WHOA! Whoaugh! Aough, oaugh! Whoaugh! Ohnono- Whoaughoughaughoughoughaughoh!

Nagito simply stands still. All of the fireballs miss him.

Nagito: What impressive footwork.

Ron: I’ve got mad skills!

Ron takes out a nunchuck from his head and begins swinging it around. He then proceeds to hit himself in the face.

Dry Bones: You probably should’ve seen that coming.

Ron: Oh, I definitely did.

Zim is in battle, f*cking plowing through demons.

Zim: Muahahaha! AHAHAHA! AHAHAHAHAHAHA- (cough cough) I should really stop laughing like this.

Zim: …But why would I? AHAHAHA-

The other four are impressed by this display, and are sitting back to enjoy the metaphorical fireworks.

Octodad: (shocked blubber)

Nagito: It’s always nice to see the despair of an enemy army getting crushed under the hope of my team.

Dry Bones: Wow. You think he needs help?

Ron: Maybe. It’d be funny if we joined.

Nagito: Why not? Teamwork is very important.

Dry Bones: Okay. Should we do like a countdown, or-

Ron: Alright, chums! Let’s do this! ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!

Ron runs into battle.

Dry Bones: …Oh my god, he just ran in.

Dry Bones takes a large bone out of her backpack and runs at the army.

Nagito: How confident. Fitting for the Ultimate Trooper.

Octodad nods.

Nagito: …So, we’re just gonna stay here, then?

Octodad nods. Cut to OOOOOOOO, who are still dealing with armless cyborgs.

Leo: You get a sword! (slice) And you get a sword! (slice) Yes, even YOU get a sword! (slice)

Cyborg: Stop! Stop! We don’t want any swords!

Gray: Alright, I guess we can give you a missile instead!

Gray pulls out a house-sized RPG.

Cyborg: …Is it too late to take the sword?

Gray: Yes. :)

Cyborg: Welp, it was fun while it lasted-

Cue explosion.

Henry: 👍

Cuphead: They ain’t comin’ back!

Cut to the hosts.

DS: Yo, dude. Your whole army got wiped out.

Waifu: Eh, don’t worry about it. I’ve got a contingency plan.

The waifu takes out a button labeled “contingency plan” and presses it. DS hears his phone buzz and looks at it.

DS: Huh. Text from the MCCM.

Computer: What’s it say?

DS: It says they’re sending in “Agent L”. …Who’s that?

Computer: I’ve already pulled up her LinkedIn account.

Everybody: Wow, that was fast. What’s it say?

Computer: It says that she’s a pacifist, and is horrible at completing her missions due to how nice she is. She’s very intelligent, yet equally klutzy.

DS: The MCCM also says that she’s being sent here due to that fact that she’ll be occupied by something and they want her to be in someplace safe due to all the multiversal drama. She’s also been under the impression that it’s a field mission, and it’s not.

???: It’s not?!

DS turns around to see a woman, about 19, maybe a bit older. She’s wearing tinted goggles on her head, a bow tie, and a zipped-up hoodie. She’s also wearing slightly baggy sweatpants and sneakers. She’s holding a very high-tech looking gun.

DS: GAH! Oh, you must be Agent L.

Agent L: Yeah. How’d you guess?

DS: You, uh… You reacted very strongly when I said that it was a fake field mission.

Agent L: Oh. Right. Man, I was really hoping for a chance to prove my worth to the MCCM! I mean, I don’t really wanna take down TWSGS, and I was really wondering why they wanted me to, considering they didn’t want to take it down either.

DS: Really? …Wait, does that mean I’m the best host in the CECU? How-

Agent L: Yeah, you’re actually the only one that the MCCM isn’t targeting.

DS: That’s good to hear.

Agent L: I just wanted some work, y’know? I mean, I guess it was pretty nice of them to send me here to keep me safe.

DS: Yeah. Wait, when’d you get here?

Waifu: Right when you started reading the text message.

Computer: You’re sure she’s not lying about TWSGS not being targeted?

Waifu: Trust me, I’d know. My giant brain lets me detect lies. She’s not.

Computer: Yeah, and I just went onto, and TWSGS wasn’t on the list.

DS: The MCCM isn’t a nonprofit organization?

Agent L: Yeah. We get paid.

DS: Who funds you guys, anyways?

Agent L: I… don’t know.

DS: Well, whatever.

Waifu: You gonna take down TWSGS, now?

Agent L: …No. I don’t think I will. I guess I’ll just think of this as like… A vacation! Yeah, a vacation.

Everybody: Yeah, you could totally just hang out here.

DS: I’ll allow it! As long as you sell your soul to me.

Agent L: …What?

DS: I’m kidding. Stay here as long as you’d like.

Agent L: Oh. Phew. I was worried there for a sec!

DS: No, no. You’re fine.

DS: So, wanna watch the challenge live?

Agent L: YES.

Computer: You’re a fan of TWSGS?

Agent L: Yeah! Why’d you think I didn’t wanna take down your show?

Everybody: Moral compass?

Agent L: Yeah, that too, but mostly ‘cuz I really like TWSGS.

DS: Good to know. Let’s check on OOOOOOOOO.

DS glances at the screen.

DS: Whoa, what the hell happened there?

Waifu: Told you I had a contingency plan.

DS: MOTHERF- You’re still here?!

Waifu: Yup.

DS: Okay.

Cut back to OOOOOOOOO. They are currently fighting off athletes.

Cuphead: Where’d all these goons come from?

Leo: I dunno, but we can handle it!

Athletes: (simultaneously) We’re gonna bring the dinner to the table, AND THEN WE’RE GONNA EAT IT!

Leo: …We can’t handle it.


Leo: (Confessional) They’re gonna bring the dinner to the table and eat it! No way we survive that!


Gray: You heard the man! Henry, call for backup-

An athlete grabs Gray.

Henry: D:

Gray: …Oh, penis.

The athlete chucks Gray away like a discus.

Cuphead: OH, CRAP!


Gray is about to crash into the base.

Gray: I can’t save this.

Gray crashes into the base.


Gumball: What the what?!

Jack: You good, bro?

Gray: I’m still alive…

SSC: Oh, thank god…

Launchpad: Nice crash! Great form.

Gray: Yeah, we’re… We’re gonna need a bit of backup.

Jack: Welp, you heard the man.

Cliffe smacks Sans on the skull.

Sans: * huh? oh, is it fighting time?

Gumball: Yup! I’m gonna be providing support from a distance!

Launchpad: Nope! You’re coming with us!

Gumball: (snarky) Well, it was worth a shot.

Jack: Lemme just get an encounter.

Purplecliffe begins fishing in the moat.

SSC: I’ll stay here with him. It’s gonna take a while.

Launchpad: Works for me!

Gray: Alright, I’m back. Let’s go!

Gray, Gumball, and Launchpad leave. Sans teleports out.

Jack: C’mon! Encounter! Encounter!

SSC spots something in the water.

SSC: …Should I be concerned?

Cut over to the fighters. Gumball takes out a paintball gun.


The athletes take off Gumball’s limbs and head, literally getting pieces of him.

Gumball: …Well, that’s what I get for being overconfident.

Gumball’s pieces get thrown in separate directions.


Gumball’s disembodied head is in the confessional.

Gumball: (Confessional) I should really work on my phrasing.


Launchpad: Let’s get dangerous!

Launchpad attempts to football tackle some athletes. Launchpad misses and trips, crashing into some more athletes and taking them out.

Athlete: 10 point landing, dude!

Launchpad: That was a perfectly intentional crash.

Sans teleports in and sends bones. Yippee.

Sans: * i would’ve joined a sports team, but the coach said i didn’t have any spirit. I guess my heart wasn’t in it.

Leo: Ha! Good one.

Gray: …Oh, come on.

Henry takes out a drum set and plays the first two parts of a rimshot before Cuphead comes in and finishes it by slapping the cymbal.

Cuphead: It’s go time!

Cuphead picks up the paintball gun that Gumball dropped and begins spraying the athletes with pink paint.

Athlete: What’s paint gonna do?

Cuphead parry smacks the athlete. The athlete disappears.


Cut to the Hosts + the anime girl & Agent L.

Computer: So, you gonna send out those final bosses, now?

DS: Yyyyyyyep.

Agent L: Final bosses? Ooh!

DS hits a button.

Cut on over to Meow-Chicka. Tucker is still punching the Robo-Duck in the radiator. The duck has stopped moving.

Blake: Uh… Tucker? I don’t think that Duck’s gonna last much longer.

An unsuspecting Blake didn’t notice someone sneaking up behind her.

Tucker: That’s the idea!

Red: Blow it up! Blow it up!

The Robo-Duck blows up and Tucker jumps off of it. The person behind Blake then makes her move.


Blake: (to Tucker) Impressive.

Spooky: (ahem) Raaaaaaaaah!

Tucker: Told ya I could do it!

Blake: I’ll admit, I was wrong.

Spooky: Rah! …Rah. …Hello? Over here! Scary ghost!

Blake: Hm?

Blake notices Spooky.

Blake: Oh, didn’t see you there. Are you meant to harm us?

Spooky: …Nothing again? Seriously? Ugh…

Blake: I’m sorry? Who are you?

Spooky: Name’s Spooky. The host sent me over here to be protected.

Red flies over.

Red: We gotta protect a kid?

Spooky: I’ll have you know that I’m a very intimidating ghost! I also have a knife.

Spooky pulls out her knife. Scout, Axol, and Speedrunner Mario run back in time to hear that sentence.

Scout: Knives ain’t gonna do a THING against dat!

Red: Scout? What’re you doing here.

Scout: I’m on ya team, genius.

Red: You are? Man, I keep on forgetting-

Blake: Wait, against what- Ohhhhhhhh f*ck.

A giant cyan cube looms over Meow-Chicka. Cut over to Scum Like Me. Dry Bones chucks a bone at a demon.

Dry Bones: Knick knack, paddy whack.

Ron: Give a demon a bone.

Blitzo: I’ll give your dad a bone!

Blitzo fires at Dry Bones. She simply collapses.

Blitzo: …Well, that was easier than I thought it’d be.

Blitzo briefly turns around to check for active else that may be shootable. Dry Bones then reassembles herself and throws a bone at Blitzo.

Blitzo: sh*t! You dick!

Blitzo gets knocked into a portal to hell.

Blitzo: Well, I guess you win this time. f*ck you, see ya next time!

Bozo gets sucked back to hell.

Zim: HAHA! These foolish hellspawns were no match for my Irken technology!

Octodad: (worried blubber)

Nagito: …It seems like we’re not out of the woods, yet.

Zim: Eh? What is it?

A giant yellow pyramid floats over the four.

Nagito: That’s how it is, I guess. Bad luck always follows up my good luck.

Dry Bones: …Yeah, I hope we’re getting that good luck back soon.

Cut over to OOOOOOOOO. Cuphead is still parrying the athletes.

Cuphead: And a twenty one- And a twenty two-

Athlete: It’s so over, man!

Leo: They’re dropping like flies!

Launchpad: Or like me!

Sans: * …there’s something else, isn’t there?

Gumball finishes reassembling himself by putting back on his arm.

Gumball: Don’t say- Oh, hold on.

Gumball switches around his arms.

Gumball: Had the right and left ones swapped. Don’t say that, Sans! As a fellow slacker, that GUARANTEES that something else is gonna come.

Gray: Yeah. It’d be real f*ckin’ funny for sure, but it’s gonna screw us over big time.

Launchpad: I hope it’s not anything too serious.

Leo: And this is the part where something serious shows up.

Henry impatiently looks at a watch.

Gray: Alright, where is it?

A giant black sphere shows up.

OOOOOOOOO: (simultaneously) There it is.

Cut back to the hosts.

Agent L: …Why are they all just shapes?

Waifu: Seems lazy, not gonna lie.

DS: I… may have thought of them at like… 2:19 AM.

Computer: …Get some f*cking sleep.

DS: Fine.

Cut back to Meow-Chicka. They large cyan cube is dashing around at high speeds. It seems to be bouncing on a rhythm.

Tucker: …Alright, what’s our plan of attack on that… Teal… Aqua… Blue-Green thing?

Blake: I… Don’t know. Maybe just… restrain it, somehow?

Mario: (Japanese) I’ll catch up with it.

Mario charges up a BLJ.

Spooky: I could probably take it. I’ll scare it into submission!


Cue inconspicuous whistling.

Spooky: Don’t just give me that inconspicuous whistling BS!

Blake: …So anyways-

Spooky: HEY!

Blake: So anyways, I’ll try and tie it up with my weapon.

Cut to Mario chasing the cube in the background.

Mario: (Japanese) You may be fast, but I’m faster.

The cube continuously dodges Speedrunner Mario.

Mario: (Japanese) It’s a tough one…

Cut back to the rest of Meow-Chicka.

Spooky: I’ll give that thing a heart attack!

Scout: Yeah, sure.

Tucker: What else can we do?

Axol: …We could say “We’d need an army”.

Blake: …Why would we do that? How- How would that help? That doesn’t just manifest an army.

Blake: …Yeah, fair enough. (ahem) We’d need an army!

Phil: Guys!

Blake: What is it, Phil?

Phil: I think I’ve got something we’ll need.

Red: Does TABS Unit have it? Haven’t seen that guy since the first segment.

Phil: Well…

About 80-ish TABS Units come out of the base.

Tucker: Woah!

Phil: Yeah, turns out there was a cloning machine inside the base.

Blake: That seems overpowered.

Phil: It did say it could only clone TABS Unit, so…

Scout: I guess dat evens thin’s out. Just like it’s about to even de odds!

Blake: Right. TABS Units! Go!

All the TABS Units turn into firework archers and air their bows. The massive amount of arrows fly at the cube.

Axol: Mario! Look out!

Mario: (Japanese) No need.

Mario closes his eyes and effortlessly dodges every single arrow. The fireworks hit the cube and propel it backwards.

Husbandos: YAAAAAAAAAAH- Oh, mother-

The husbandos were all crushed underneath the giant cube.

Noob: …This might still be salvageable.

The cube explodes.

Noob: Never mind. GGs!

The noob waves a white flag.

Red: f*ck YEAH!

Meow-Chicka gets teleported out. Cut to Scum Like Me. Dry Bones has reverted back to Koopa, and the pyramid is looming over them.

Octodad: (horrified blubber)

Ron: So… First of all, big mood.

Koopa: How is this a mood?

Ron: I dunno. I thought it’d be a funny thing to say.

Nagito: Haha! It was! You really are the Ultimate Meme Lord.

Ron: I am? Sweet!

Nagito: I see your skin grew back nicely, Koopa.

Koopa: Yeah, I dunno how.

Zim: Logically, it shouldn’t have.

Koopa: But it did! Anyways, game plan. We need to get the rest of our team.

The rest of the team suddenly shows up.

Ayano: We’re back.

Baldi: I heard you all needed assistance!

Kaminari: We came as fast as we could.

ENA: (salesman) How’re we gonna take it down?

Zim: It should have a weak spot.

Ron: Any good video game boss has one.

The pyramid reveals an eye by opening it.

Scum Like Me: (simultaneously) Bingo.

Kaminari: Yup. We’re hitting that eye. I mean, do you guys know how long it would take for it to regenerate that?

The eye begins charging up something.

Baldi: …Well, that’s gonna be a problem.

The eye shoots a MASSIVE laser beam at the team. Kaminari dodges it and begins trying to fire targets at the eye.

Kaminari & ENA: (simultaneously) C’mon… C’mon…

The targets don’t reach the eye and fall short.

Kaminari: No good!

Ayano: We need a different approach!

Zim: My lasers won’t do enough meaningful damage!

Ron: I got me some memes! That might-

Ron gets hit with a beam. He does the “Kirby falling into a pit” scream.

Koopa: Damnit.

Nagito: Perhaps I’ve got it figured out.

Nagito attempts to run, but trips over a rock.

Nagito: Oh my.

He falls over just as a beam hits the ground behind him.

Koopa: Looks like your luck cycle’s back up.

The laser beam tears up the ground.

Baldi: …I hear something beeping!

Ayano: Huh?

Ayano spots something amidst the clumps of dirt.

Zim: It’s the bomb! The one that Nagito planted!

Koopa: Grab it, Ayano!

Ayano: On it.

Ayano dodge rolls past a laser and grabs the bomb. It has a few seconds left. She then chucks it at Baldi.

Baldi: PE teaching experience, don’t fail me now…

Baldi swings his ruler as hard as he can, batting the bomb at the pyramid’s eye as it’s charging a laser.

Nagito: What did I tell you? Talent or not, my luck always comes through.

The bomb collides with the charging laser and explodes, causing the beam to backfire and vaporize the pyramid along with the remnants of the demon army.

Zim: They were fools to mess with ZIM! …And I suppose my team, too.

Scum Like Me gets teleported out. Cut on over to OOOOOOOOOO.

Gumball: So… Black sphere. How original.

Launchpad: I know! It’s like they made a giant 8-ball… Just without the 8.

Cuphead: Whaddaya think it does?

Leo: Stay back, guys. I’ll check.

Leo cautiously approaches the sphere.

Sans: * what’re you gonna do? interrogate it?

Leo: I’m just provoking it.

Leo unsheathes his Odachi.

Leo: Alright, you sure have balls takin’ on my team. Cut to the chase already!

Things start floating around Leo.

Gray: …Well, that’s never a good sign.

Cuphead: Get outta there!

Leo: Huh? (his odachi is floating away) Woah woah woah!

Leo begins getting drawn towards the black sphere, but re-grabs his sword mid-air and creates a portal right before getting sucked in. The portal appears right by the rest of his team.

Leo: Close one!

Gray: Great. We’re messing with space-time again.

Henry cringes. The waifu teleports in.

Waifu: Good luck, guys.


She teleports out.

Launchpad: Alright. I got an idea. All we need is a plane. Then, I can crash into the black hole thing!

Gumball: …Where would we find a plane out here?

Cuphead: Yeah, the last one’s getting sucked into the black hole. Look.

A plane is seen getting sucked in.

Cuphead: Yup, there it goes.

The plane gets crumpled and absorbed. The turf around the black hole also begins to become sucked in.

Sans: * yup, we’re in a hole lot of trouble.

Leo: I hole -heartedly agree.

Henry: T_T

Gumball: Can you guys stop punning… For FIVE MINUTES?!

Sans: * nope.

Leo: He’s right. We need to take this seriously. …You think Cliffe’s had any luck.

Cue SSC running back in.

Gumball: Sorbet Shark Cookie? What is it?


They frantically begin waving their arms about, indicating something big.

Gray: …Yeah, no. Still not too big on sign language.

Cliffe comes riding in on a Koraidon.

Jack: I caught the big one!

Cuphead: The big one?

SSC: (nods)

Jack: The big one!

Jack throws out a Master Ball, and out comes a large, fish-thing.

Unagi, from Super Mario 64

Recommended by THEMOON_IS (not) HERE


Leo: WOAH! That’s the big one, alright!

Gray: Meh. Florida has bigger.

The unagi begins getting drawn towards the black hole.

Jack: Please work, please work…

The unagi swallows the hole whole.


The unagi implodes. The black hole is no longer there.

Leo: …We did it!

Gray: Welp, we fought we cosmic beings and won! Let’s hear it


OOOOOOOOO gets teleported out. Cut to all the teams in the white void. The hosts are waiting for them.

DS: Yo! Y’all did great!

Cuphead: WICKED! So, who won?

DS: Let’s see… You all survived.

Blake: …So, are you gonna go to whoever had the least points is up for elimination?

Everybody: Well, the challenge was whoever didn’t survive was up for elimination, soooooooo.

Computer: I gotta be honest, we expected at least one of you guys to fail.

Koopa: So, no elimination for anyone?

DS: I suppose so.

Everyone cheers.


Everyone stops and turns to look at Computer.

Computer: We did have a contingency plan. The viewers will still vote!

Ayano: You don’t mean…


DS teleports to the elimination area.

Zack: Whoa, what-

Zack “Little Z” Treharne, from Youtube

Recommended by Kiefsatz Hasherach

The Area: Oh. Hey.

DS: You guys will vote for one of these lucky contestants to rejoin The World’s sh*ttiest Game Show, and, you’ll get to vote on which team they’ll join!

Sayori: What about me?

DS: Sayori? Oh, right, the Monika subplot- You get a chance of joining too!

Sayori: Oh, okay!

DS: Eliminees, please say a few words.

Piggy: (snorts)

Muffin: Vote for me, guys! That’d be based as heck!

Bread: (flop)

Monika: I know I’ve made some mistakes before, but I promise not to alter the votes this time around!

Sayori: Yeah, vote for Moni!

Option 1: Vote for me. I’ll use my inventions.

(A/N: I honestly don’t know what the f*ck I should write for him-)

Duck: (quack)

Pilgor: (bleat)

Dracovish: Draco draco! Vish!


[Vote for me, I guess.] <

Randy: It’d be so bruce if you voted for me. That’d be the cheese.

Mordecai: I’d be really cool if you voted for me, dudes. I liked hanging out in the competish.

Zack: Vote for me, the world’s best Falco! I’m guaranteed to bring the hype.

Mr Game & Watch: (bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep)

DS: You heard it here, folks! VIEWERS! Vote here for who you want to rejoin and which team you want them to go to! Voting ends whenever I feel like it.

Cut back to now.

Tucker: Hey, guys! You know what day it is?

Blake: Your birthday?

Tucker: Nope. It’s 6/9.

Everyone but Blake: NICE!

Blake: (sighs) Nice.

Tucker: Knew you’d come around, Blakester.

Blake: FOR f*ck’S SAKE-

Cut to DS, Computer, and Everybody. Nagito is on his shoulders.

Computer: -That reminds me, why wasn’t the intro shown?

DS: I’m cooking up a new one! Trust me! Anyways, back to this!

Nagito: You’re sure this will bring hope to BFDI Rocky?

DS: Of course! Why wouldn’t it?

Nagito: Just checking.

Nagito clears his throat.


Everybody: What a way to end the episode…

Computer: I know, right?

Dollar Store’s Epic Character Elimination Reboot: The World’s sh*ttiest Game Show! (TWSGS) - Chapter 33 - DollarStoreFanfix (1)

24 remain…

Dollar Store’s Epic Character Elimination Reboot: The World’s sh*ttiest Game Show! (TWSGS) - Chapter 33 - DollarStoreFanfix (2024)
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