It's Your 'WellBeing'Post Plus · been trend-setters! All we have to do is wait another 20 years for plaid, checkered shirts, flannel and leather boots to be “cool” again and - [PDF Document] (2024)

It's Your 'WellBeing'Post Plus· been trend-setters! All we have to do is wait another 20 years for plaid, checkered shirts, flannel and leather boots to be “cool” again and - [PDF Document] (1)

Middlefield Post June 10, 2015

It's Your 'WellBeing'Middlefield Post June 10, 2015

Post PlusSmall Town Life By Patrick Blau

s someone who had grown up and lived in Ohio, mostly northeast Ohio, for his whole life, I came to appreciate the turn of the seasons. Springtime usually comes reluctantly, because winter won’t

make up its mind as to when it’s really the moment to let go. There are days of warm weather in February or March, glimpses of what is to come, when 40 degrees feels like a day borrowed from July. You can tell who has lived in northeast Ohio from birth on those days, because they are the ones wearing shorts, tossing baseballs or footballs or frisbees back and forth in the sunshine with a fellow Ohioan. Gradually spring blazes into full strength, and that is when things get comfortable. Summer usually takes over quickly from spring, releasing hordes of mosquitoes that have spent the cold months studying at Vampire University. When summer fades into autumn there is the crispness of the evening air to offset the still-warmth of the day, and always the tinge of burning leaves in the breezes. Autumn turns to winter, sometimes slow and easy, sometimes with a quick and violent decisiveness. The first snow of the season is, to me, a peaceful and welcome event. Then comes the second snow. Then the third. Then the eighteenth, and by this time we are all cursing the gods of cold and ice who don’t even exist, but we know would be evil deities if they did. With this crazy, wonderful, frustrating, exciting parade of weather patterns, some of us dream of more friendly and predictable climates. Some of us visit these sorts of places, returning for a time every year to escape the volatility of northeast Ohio seasons. And some of us, dreamers and realists alike, make a more permanent move.

I left Burton for Septfonds, France, on Dec. 19, 2014. It wasn’t just a yearning for a more temperate climate that brought me here, because I really had grown to enjoy the

differences of the seasons in northeast Ohio; it was a calling that I felt in my innermost being. In the early summer of 2013, I first boarded a plane to Perpignan, geographically and truly the southernmost city in France. There I stayed with friends for two weeks, and began to feel the draw and hear the small whisper from my Maker suggesting to

me that I should let myself consider what experiences and adventures a life outside of Ohio and America could hold. The following summer, I returned to France for another vacation, and before I even boarded the plane to return to Burton, I knew; I just knew that my life, my journey, and my love - I met my future wife while on vacation in France - were meant to be expressed in that country. My life in northeast Ohio had been mostly wonderful, more recently peaceful and quiet, and during it all truly blessed, but I knew and felt inside of myself that in France my wife and I could find the spaciousness and peace that Burton and Geauga County had given me, if we looked hard enough.

Let me begin by making an introduction between you and the ‘county’ that I live in here in France, named ‘Tarn-et-Garonne’. There is a rich, deep and ancient history to this area. Septfonds, the village where my wife and I live, is one of the villages in Tarn-et-Garonne, and was founded in 1250 A.D., before Geauga County was ever held and roamed by the Erie or Iroquois tribes. There are some surprising similarities between it and Geauga County, such as wide open spaces, a historic feel of those who have gone before, and the prevalence of greenery

and trees. People here close their shutters (yes, most everyone here does use real shutters) usually no later than 9 p.m., and the village becomes quiet and peaceful like a warm and starry Geauga county night. If you were to take a walk with my wife and I at this time, you would recognize the feel, the country confidence, of being small town. It’s at these times that I can close my eyes and imagine myself sitting on my front porch in Burton, as I hear the song of a light evening breeze in the tree tops, the call and answer of the night toads, the soft silent sounds from the old-stone houses that speak of life and the lives inside.

(inset) Patrick Blau, Burton native, and his wife, Sarah, were married here in the 'Hotel de Ville', or 'City Hall' of Septfonds, France.


It's Your 'WellBeing'Post Plus· been trend-setters! All we have to do is wait another 20 years for plaid, checkered shirts, flannel and leather boots to be “cool” again and - [PDF Document] (2)

community interest

2 June 10, 2015


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Buy-Local SuperherosBy Ty Kellog

I c a n v i v i d l y remember riding in the backseat

of my grandfather’s Cadillac on some dirt road in Middlefield with the windows down, the sun

pounding on my little head, dust practically vacuumed into my nose and the sweet sultry smell of manure, fresh cut hay and sweet corn husks hovering in the lazy and humid summer air. I can’t recall what road we were on, but I can recall seeing my tall, endearing grandfather somehow unfold his way out of the car and go knock on the door of a local farmer, inquiring about some sweet corn. When grandpa didn’t grow it, he got it directly from the folks that did.

As time went on, I saw my family follow the same principles. Essentially, it became second nature to by-pass the grocery stores in favor of winding gravel roads to pick up some honey, eggs or mixed produce. I always looked forward to these adventures in the car with my grandpa and my dad and as fate would have it, years later I would find myself driving down many of these gravel roads and long, winding driveways to talk to these same farmers about agriculture issues on behalf of the Farm Bureau.

I could probably speak for days about relationships that I have kept and continuous bartering and exchanges that put local product or supplies in my hands and in my stomach. In my younger days, (I’m starting to gray, so I don’t want to date myself just yet) I was slightly puzzled when my family would give random gifts of extra zucchini, watermelon and peppers or exchange them for something. Now, it is quite common to give the gift of maple syrup to my friends for Christmas presents or other favors.

I can remember just starting my career at Farm Bureau and it seemed like

everybody wanted to capitalize on the “buy local” concept. Naturally I was a little confused (which is happening more often as I get older) until I finally asked someone what is this buying-local thing? What’s the big deal? So it was explained to me and I was stunned. Several generations of my family and other farmers in this region had been trend-setters! All we have to do is wait another 20 years for plaid, checkered shirts, flannel and leather boots to be “cool” again and we’ll really be in the big time!

What is so great about this mentality, is that many large companies and organizations have been rebranding themselves as groups that are “building community.”

Building community is a lot simpler than advertised. It’s buying product from each other. It’s bartering and exchanging goods and services. It’s asking each other for help. It’s putting down the darn phone, shutting off the TV and knocking on your neighbor’s door and actually having a conversation. It’s allowing people into your life and trusting them.

With the last of spring frosts behind us and the humid spring days in front of us, while you’re out and about take a few minutes to stop at a place you’ve never been to purchase some local product. Not only will they be refreshing and delicious, you will be supporting one of our buying-local superheroes, someone that one day might support you.

On Monday June 22 we’ll host our first Farm Forum at Cardinal Middle School and on Friday July 10 we’ll host our Policy Development session at Joe’s Window Shop. If you’d like to see what other events we have coming up, please “like” our facebook page – To become a member, visit our online application at

Upcoming Classes: Come When Called June 14 at 3:30 p.m. (4 weeks) Mind Your Manners 1: Foundations June 14 at 5:00 p.m. (6 weeks) Leash Manners June 22 at 6:00 p.m. (4 weeks) Visitor Greetings July 7 at 7:30 p.m. (4 weeks) Therapy Dog Preparation July 12 at 12:30 p.m. (6 weeks) Mind Your Manners 1: Foundations July 12 at 3:30 p.m. (6 weeks) Mind Your Manners 2: Intermediate July 25 at 12:00 p.m. (6 weeks)

K9 Nose Work® Weekend: Two Great Workshops! November 14 & 15 Space is Limited

Call or visit our website for more information.

School's Out - Have a Plan?By Lynda Nemeth

As I’m writing this we are on day two of summer

vacation from school and so far so good. But we have a plan! We started with everyone making their own list of things they’d like to

do. Everything needs to be within reason, and at least half of the ideas have to be little or no cost. We also got a big plastic jar. (Hint: go to one of the Amish Salvage Stores and get some pretzels or cheese balls; now you have a jar and a snack to eat while you compile your list!)

If you need ideas stop by the Destination Geauga office for a Geauga County Guide, we have a variety of county guides as well as the Ohio Travel Planners/and Festival Guide.

Another great source of ideas for kids (a lot for free or a small fee) would be the Geauga Park District, and the Geauga Public Library. Check your community calendar as well, many communities have special summer recreation programs. In our county we have some summer attractions that immediately come to mind

that kids enjoy like Pioneer Waterland and Chip’s Clubhouse, which are great, but as the grown up we know they need to be balanced with free activities as well. Things like Eagle Park splash park here in Middlefield, or a bike ride on the Maple Highlands Trail.

On a rainy day, you can pick a theme like baking day, choose some recipes together. Pick up whatever supplies you might not have at home; if you can get items at the salvage stores it should be pretty inexpensive. Then go home and bake the day away. We are only limited by our imagination, and if your kids have done everything and they are still bored take them to Geauga Park District’s Observatory Park, they can start fresh with a whole solar system to explore. That should keep them busy at least a couple more days!

Oh, and the big jar - at the end of each day we write down the fun thing we did and add it to the jar. At the end of the summer we can open it and have a nice remembrance of all the things we did and places we visited. Because before you know it vacation will be over and when they are asked what they did all summer, no one is allowed to say “nothing!”

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It's Your 'WellBeing'Post Plus· been trend-setters! All we have to do is wait another 20 years for plaid, checkered shirts, flannel and leather boots to be “cool” again and - [PDF Document] (3)

community interest

3 June 10, 2015



96 &



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Garrettsville Summerfest Garrettsville’s 11th Summerfest will be

held June 26 through 28 at the intersection of Routes 88 and 82 in historic downtown Garrettsville. The year, the theme is “Soakin’ up the Sun” and there will be contests for everyone: Pet Idol, hamburger eating, Steeple chase canoe race, corn hole, ice cream eating contests and more. The family-friendly event will have contests running all weekend long and one can register for many of them as well as the parade online at

Besides contests, the festival will have three stages with live entertainment, a grand parade and a tractor parade. There will be rides, food, a live animal show and more.

The Garrettsville Weekly Villager is sponsoring a coloring contest that will begin before the festival starts. Kids 10 and under can enter the coloring contest. All entries are to be turned into the Villager offices at 8088 Main Street in Garrettsville (44231) no later than June 23.

Opening Ceremonies will begin 6:30 p.m. on Friday with a variety of music, rides and great food. Stop by the information tent to get your list for the photo scavenger hunt that will run until 2 p.m. Sunday. Snap a picture of the event described on the list and save it to a phone or camera, take it to the booth and have it verified. Find at least 25 of the 30 items to be considered in the drawing for festival bucks and the car raffle ticket

Saturday morning, the kids will demonstrate their football skills in the Lion’s Club Pass, Punt and Kick contest. The pie baking contest judging starts at 11a.m. Grab a snack or lunch from the food venders

and watch Ohio’s Largest Tractor Parade with more than 200 tractors of all sizes and ages rumbling down the street at noon. New this year are lawn mower drag races at 2 p.m. in the parking lot of S&K sales.

At Dairy Queen there will be classic cars at the car cruise. Performing bands will be Straight On, a Heart Tribute Band, Disco Inferno and the Fort Huntsburg Band. At 10 p.m. the fireworks will begin, with the best viewing at Sky Plaza Parking.

Sunday morning, the give kid’s cancer the boot in the 5K /1 mile run/walk and at 9 a.m. the grueling battle of the Steeplechase canoe race begins for the seasoned canoeist vying to win a $100 prize (Note: race has been moved to Sunday.) The grand parade steps-off at 12:30 p.m.

Show us your dance moves in the “So you think You Can Dance Competition” or watch the cloggers from the 8th Count Dance Studio in Garrettsville perform on stage. Ronald McDonald will put on a show for the kids at 2 p.m. See the Garrettsville Idol competition emceed by Lil John and Mayor Rick Patrick. Youth and teens compete for $500 and adults will compete for $1000.

The evening closes out with the winner of the car raffle being drawn. This year the festival raffles off a 2015 Chevy Trax, or $20,000. Tickets are on sale and can be purchased by calling Skylanes Bowling 330- 527-9999 or by visiting local businesses. Tickets are $20 each or six for $100. Second place is a riding lawn mower and third is a gas grill.

For more information visit

Gardens Galore, Art and More

The Middlefield Banking Company • 888.801.1666

Northeast Ohio Region Offices in: Middlefield • Chardon • Newbury

Orwell • Mantua • Garrettsville • Cortland

Central Ohio Region Offices in: Dublin • Westerville

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Annual Percentage Yield (APY) for 15 month certificate of deposit is 1.20% and requires a minimum deposit of $500.00. Promotional rate limited to a maximum deposit of $25,000.00 per tax identification number from funds not currently on deposit with The Middlefield Banking Company. Early withdrawal penalty may apply. APY is effective as of 06/08/2015. Fees may reduce the earnings on the account. Individual Retirement Accounts are not eligible. Personal accounts only. This is a limited time offer and subject to change without notice. See bank for complete details.

“Grow CD”Middlefield Post - 5” x 8.5”

Gardens Galore, Art & More, the Geauga County Master Gardeners’ June 17 garden tour and plant sale, will be held at the Historical Society’s Century Village in Burton from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

You may take the garden tour, shop for plants and garden art, visit the bee keeper’s booth, pick up milkweed seeds or even sample complimentary desserts for a $20 admission fee. Everything else is free. Tool sharpening will be available again this year for a small fee.

The self-guided garden tour will include the OSU Extension at Patterson Center in Burton where the Master Gardeners maintain a memorial and phenology garden (

The Gardeners have updated the

Patterson gardens to provide educational opportunities for groups and garden clubs to visit. New this year is a butterfly garden. Knowledgeable Master Gardener guides will be available to answer your questions.

The emphasis this year will be plants that attract pollinators and butterflies. It’s no secret that honeybees and monarchs are in decline and can use some help. Master Gardeners will offer free milkweed seeds to those interested in attracting the monarch butterfly. Monarch caterpillars feed almost exclusively on milkweed and the butterfly returns to areas rich in the plant to lay its eggs.

Expect to find annuals, perennials, herbs, native plants, shrubs and exotics at the plant sale. Many of the plants come from Master Gardeners’ personal flower beds. In addition to the usual plastic pots, there will be various kinds and sizes of container arrangements and whimsical garden chairs. The Master Gardener created garden art pieces will add interest to any garden. $20 gift cards are available that can be used for a garden tour ticket or to purchase plants or garden art. They can be picked up now at the OSU Extension Office, 14269 Clarion-Troy Road in Burton (44021) at the north end of the fairgrounds.

The Master Gardeners would like to hear from teachers to help spur interest in horticulture and gardening. Proceeds from Gardens Galore help fund horticulture tuition, gardening related projects, classroom field trips, and school science projects. The Master Gardeners are volunteers trained through The Ohio State University Extension office. Call 440-834-4656 for or visit

It's Your 'WellBeing'Post Plus· been trend-setters! All we have to do is wait another 20 years for plaid, checkered shirts, flannel and leather boots to be “cool” again and - [PDF Document] (4)

berkshire schools

4 June 10, 2015

440-834-1540 n 17090 Jug Street n Burton, OH 44021

Visit Our Showroom Mon.-Fri. 7:00am to 4:30pm, Sat. by appointment only

(l-r) Megan Arnold, valedictorian and Zak Martinjako,

salutatorian. (MP Photo/BSD)

Berkshire senior class officers for 2015 (l-r) Megan Arnold, Anna

Carlson, Carolyn Mayer and Christin Dornback. (MP Photo/ BSD)

Congratulations 2015 Berkshire Graduates!

(back row, l-r) Josiah Schindelar, Caden Neumore, Lianna Tiber, Kayla Dingman (middle row, l-r) Alex Bates, Alexander Eggleston, Hayley Kumher, Dominic Mann, Griffin Urban (front row, l-r) Lauren Evans, Jillian Kumher, Megan Filby, Madison Romask and Morgan Scott. (MP Photo/ BSD)

Junior National Honor Society InducteesThe Berkshire Junior National Honor Society inducted 14 students on Friday, May 29,

2015. Congratulations! (MP Photo/ BSD)

It's Your 'WellBeing'Post Plus· been trend-setters! All we have to do is wait another 20 years for plaid, checkered shirts, flannel and leather boots to be “cool” again and - [PDF Document] (5)

berkshire schools

5 June 10, 2015

(l-r) Kaitlin McFadden and Victoria Anderson (MP Photo/ BSD)

(l-r) Megan Arnold, valedictorian and Zak Martinjako,

salutatorian. (MP Photo/BSD)

Congratulations 2015 Berkshire Graduates!














Photo courtesy of John's Photography

Congratulations to Berkshire Jr. High School students, Victoria Anderson and Kaitlin McFadden who qualified for and competed in the State Power of the Pen Tournament in Wooster, Ohio. Both young ladies ranked among the top of young writers in Ohio for their creative writing talents. A special recognition goes to Kaitlin McFadden who also managed to write the number one piece in one of her writing rounds!

Power of the Pen Students Compete at State Tournament

Junior National Honor Society Officers (names N/A) (MP Photo/ BSD)


July 3rd-5th - Ox Roast Weekend!

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• James Bender’s Decks • & More!

Trade Show Vendors To Include:

Friday & Saturday- 10am-8pm Sunday- 10am-3pmThe consignment auction will begin Friday 4pm. Consignment items include tools, in-door / outdoor furniture and more! Double B Assembly LLC will give away $500 in prizes on Friday and $500 in prizes on Saturday! A fund has been set up for Rob Troyer to help cover health care expenses; consignment items and donations are welcome.

Silent Auction: 2-Day Mississippi River

Cruise & Motel Stay1-Week Ohio Pymatuning

State Park Stay(Cottage for 6)

6 person Lake Erie Charter Fishing Trip

Children's WagonPink & Blue Scooter

Greenhouse Hotbed and Mobile Stand

Greenhouse Hotbed Triple Mobile Base

Children's Hall TreeChildren's Desk & Chair

Electric Infrared Fireplace MantelElectric Infrared Fireplace

Mantel Entertainment Center6 Stone & Mirror Waterfall

Candle Mantels

Giveaways Fri & Sat:$500.00 In Prizes!

Located at St. Rts. 87 & 534

Consignment Auction, Silent Auctions, & More!

TERMS: We will accept Cash, Check, Debit card, Visa-Mastercard-Discover with proper ID. There is a 5% Buyer’s Premium on all sales. 5% will be waived if paid with cash or good check.

Accepting Consignments Beginning June 29

It's Your 'WellBeing'Post Plus· been trend-setters! All we have to do is wait another 20 years for plaid, checkered shirts, flannel and leather boots to be “cool” again and - [PDF Document] (6)

6 June 10, 2015



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all classes will be held at tall Pines dog class size,

pre-registration is required.

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Village of Middlefield residents don’t forget to get your Garage Sale permit.

The Village will have the garden plots available at George Knox park behind Tractor Supply again this year.

Plots are going fast so sign up today!Middlefield Village Municipal Center, Hours ~ Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. 14860 N. State Ave. Middlefield

(44062) Call for information 440-632-5248.

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INDUSTRIAL/WAREHOUSE Located on Rt 87 in unzoned Middlefield Twp is this 10,200sqft building with 2 drive in doors, a dock, new lighting, septic to handle 25 employees and 14’ ceilings at the peak…For Sale

HOME BUSINESS or INVESTMENT Only $120,000 for a 4 bedroom/2 bath house with some updates in the house but work needed outside and in detached 2700sqft building with separate drive and parking….Huntsburg on Rt 322

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This entertainer won a Tony multiple times, including one for their work in Blithe Spirit:

Answers: 1) London, 2) Mame, 3) Sweeney Todd, 4) Jessica Fletcher, 5) Rose, Angela Lansbury

Each of the following cryptograms is a clue to the identity of a Tony award winner. Using the hints X=E and H=N, decipher the clues to name the entertainer.











It's Your 'WellBeing'Post Plus· been trend-setters! All we have to do is wait another 20 years for plaid, checkered shirts, flannel and leather boots to be “cool” again and - [PDF Document] (7)

June 10, 2015 7



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ken zwolinski

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Roll-Off Services 20-30-40 yard dumpsters.Construction Demolition

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It's Your 'WellBeing'Post Plus · been trend-setters! All we have to do is wait another 20 years for plaid, checkered shirts, flannel and leather boots to be “cool” again and - [PDF Document] (2024)
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