Justin Swanstrom Net Worth (2024)

Justin Swanstrom Net Worth (1)

Justin Swanstrom Net Worth – $1 million

What is Justin Swanstrom’s net worth?


Justin Swanstrom might not be mainstream-level famous, but he’s got an impressive following.

With almost 100k followers on YouTube, Instagram, and ye olde faithful Facebook, Swanstrom is known for posting photos of one thing—cars.

More specifically, race cars.

Or car parts.

Or the races, themselves.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a photo across Justin Swanstrom’s social media channels that doesn’t tie back to car racing.

So what do we know about the young car enthusiast with the media presence and the down country charm.

Let’s find out.

The Origin Story

Justin Corey Swanstrom—also known as Lil Country Swanstrom—was born on February 23, 1996, in Zephyrhills, Florida.

Growing up, the young Florida native already knew what he wanted by the time he hit grade school: he wanted to race.

It’s no wonder, really.

Justin’s dad, Corey Swanstrom, is the race car driver known on the racing circuit as Big Country Swanstrom.

When Justin inherited the Lil Country moniker, he also inherited his dad’s love of the track.

A self-confessed adrenaline junkie, Justin has often said that he couldn’t think of any other path he could have gone down.

A true family man, Justin travels the racing circuit with his father—and often some more of his family—by his side.

He also works alongside his family at Corey’s Zephyrhills’ vacuum and video service business, S & S VAC-VIDEO.

Swanstrom is often credited by those on the racing scene for his hardworking nature—he once made a last minute arrival at a grudge race because he and his dad got an emergency service call at S & S.


There are no details about Justin Swanstrom’s romantic life.

On The Career Path

Justin Lil Country Swanstrom was an up-and-coming grudge racer back at the start of 2020, when he caught the attention of Discovery Channel executives.

Fresh off the success of the Street Outlaws reality TV franchise, the cable network had decided to launch its newest spin-off: Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings.

In a 2002 Camaro with a 997ci Pat Musi motor, Justin made his debut in the Invitational class.

It was an appealing offer for the young motorhead—there’d be thirteen races at $40,000 each for the win.

To cap it off, the winner of the championship would be looking at a cool $150k in prize money.

Justin might have had a score to settle, too.

In 2019, Swanstrom had what he called the “worst luck ever” on No Prep Kings.

From parts breaking to bad luck to an epic crash in Ohio that ended his season, things didn’t look good.

The Swanstrom team redeemed themselves in 2020, and went on to pocket plenty of cash in the next 2 seasons of No Prep Kings.

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Scandal on the Street

In May of 2022, Justin was forced to take to social media and set the record straight on some rumors.

During the Great 8 race, Swanstrom went up against race champ Super Dave Adkins at Mohnton, Pennsylvania’s Maple Grove Raceway.

Near the finish line, Adkins lost control of his car due to brake failure.

He rear ended Swanstrom’s car—which had already caught fire—and the wreck happened.

Swanstrom, in his signature laidback style, explained that other than his “face got a little hot” everything was A-OK.

He also put some rumors to rest about the accident, saying “Mad at [the] other driver? No, it’s racing. I signed up for this.”

Lil Country described himself as heartbroken over the car—Prenup—but explained that the car was already on fire when Adkins collided with it, due to a broken fuel line.

In the aftermath of the accident, some gossip swirled that Swanstrom had body slammed a police offer—he responded “Negative” to that rumor—and that his dad, Big Country, got “excited” when an officer grabbed Justin. To that, the young race star said, “Yes, but nothing escalated pass [sic] that.”

Justin Swanstrom – Net Worth

So, how much is Justin Swanstrom worth?

Swanstrom earned most of his wealth from Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings, brand deals, and posting on YouTube, and TikTok.

To capitalize on his ever increasing fame, Justin launched Swan Gang merchandise in 2021.

Through the Swan Gang webpage, fans can buy apparel—like tees, hoodies, and tank tops—drink bottles, and other small items.

The Swan Gang name was inspired by Lil Country’s surname, and he uses it to refer to his fans and followers on social media.

Therefore, Justin Swanstrom has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

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Justin Swanstrom Net Worth (2024)
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