Katrin Davidsdottir in Two-Piece Workout Gear is "Jogging Again" (2024)

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A message from the onetime “Fittest Woman on Earth."

By Anna Bechtel

July 2, 2024

Katrin Davidsdottir in Two-Piece Workout Gear is "Jogging Again" (2)

Katrin Davidsdottir was the "The Fittest Woman on Earth" in both 2015 and 2016. She is getting back into exercise after having surgery. Davidsdottir shared a video on Instagram of herself running on the treadmill. She captioned it, "LOOK WHO'S JOGGING AGAIN 😭🫶🏼 Tomorrow marks the 4 week date since my fusion surgery & I am so thankful for how well my recovery has been going! The first two weeks were BY FAR the most challenging, but these past two weeks have felt like I have taken so many steps forward!"


She Runs

As you could tell from her post, Davidsdottir likes to run to stay in shape. She revealed her process of getting back into running in the caption. "BEFORE anybody starts worrying: I got cleared by my surgeon to start exercising, including jogging! That actually really surprised me. The first two times I tried jogging it didn't feel good, so I left it at that. I am really not wanting to push my body to do anything it is not ready to do. But yesterday: IT FELT GOOD ❤️☺️⚡️ It was only for 200m at a time & at a zone 2 pace but I am so proud & so happy about this improvement!"


She Stretches

After having surgery, Davidsdottir is doing a lot of stretching. She shared her favorites in this Instagram video. She captioned it, My training might look a little different these days, but my morning @gowod_mobilityfirst has stayed the same ✨💚This is my pre bike interval session hip opener & it feels so GOOD: – Knight to Hamstring stretch. – Pigeon stretch. – Roll quads. – Roll adductors. – Roll glutes."


She Uses A Stationary Bike

Davidsdottir likes to use a stationary bike to stay in shape. She shared this video on Instagram of herself and a friend using them together. Davidsdottir captioned the post, Training partners make good workouts become GREAT ones! ✨😎🤝 10 years in & we are still pushing each other to become BETTER everyday! Fueled by @bpnsupps ⚡️G.1.M.⚡️(the perfect mixture of carbs & salts to replenish during long, sweaty bike intervals!)"


She Hikes

Davidsdottir likes to go hiking to stay fit. She shared these highlights on Instagram of herself and her boyfriend hiking in Iceland. Davidsdottir captioned the post, "My Canadian boyfriend showing me all around Iceland ❤️🌋This was my first time getting to join a @worldplayground experience! My plan was to join much more of the trip, but since I was still only 2 weeks out from my surgery & I wasn't ready to do hard, long hikes .. BUT this one was relatively light & only 3.2 km each way & I didn't want to miss out on this experience & holy smokes it didn't disappoint (also I was so proud of my back 🥹 it was a big step in my recovery & showing myself what I can do!!!)"


She Lifts Weights

Davidsdottir also likes to strength train. Specifically, she likes to lift weights. Davidsdottir shared these photos on Instagram of herself in the gym. In the first one, she is seen lifting a barbell over her head. She captioned the post, "A little bit of snatches, a lot of bit of burpees 🫐💚🦋" She also shared this video of herself lifting a barbell.

Anna Bechtel

Anna Bechtel is a freelance writer currently based in Hamden, CT. Read more

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Katrin Davidsdottir in Two-Piece Workout Gear is "Jogging Again" (2024)
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