PLATELL: Bridgerton's mixed weight affair? I'd never date a fat guy (2024)

A fat-shaming furore erupted after Forbes magazine ran an article following the romance between Bridgerton’s fulsome Nicola Coughlan and her pencil-thin suitor Luke Newton.

Headlined ‘Are we still not ready for a “Mixed-Weight Romance” on screen?’, it was written by Virgie Tovar, one of America’s leading experts on weight bias, who is a plus size herself.

‘The one thing I know for 100 per cent certainty is that fat people have and always will be loved and lusted after,’ she insisted.

I’m sure she is right.

She said there was criticism of the story because it ‘defied romance plotline convention’.

Bridgerton's Nicola Coughlan as Penelope Featherington and her suitor Colin Bridgerton, played by Luke Newton, in the hit Netflix show

Forbes magazine ran an article headlined 'Are we still not ready for a Mixed Weight Romance on screen?', written by Virgie Tovar, one of America's leading experts on weight bias, who is a plus size herself

More than 90 million viewers watched the Netflix series which culminated in the seduction scene between generously proportioned Penelope (Coughlan) and slimline Colin (Newton).

What I can’t understand is why everyone has got so hot under the collar. Crikey, even the term Mixed-Weight Romance has been termed ‘fatphobic’. Amid this outrage about ‘disrespecting’ Nicola for her size, even though she is undeniably short and round, we are losing sight of the mystery of what attracts men and women to each other.

Many larger ladies have fantastic relationships and great sex lives. Many don’t. Lots of slim guys like overweight women. Lots don’t. And yet in this disingenuous debate we’re in danger of telling people it’s offensive not to desire a plus-sized person.

Whether you fancy someone has nothing to do with bigotry, and everything to do with human nature. When I ask myself: ‘Would I date a fat guy?’ the truth is: ‘Hell, no!’ However funny or rich or caring he is, it’s still a ‘No’.

That’s my choice. And if it makes me an offensive fatphobe, I’m guilty as charged.

Divine justice as Liz Truss — PM for 49 days — loses her seat in her very own Portillo Moment. Michael reinvented himself as the glorious presenter of BBC's Great British Railway Journeys. Liz could present Great British Car Crashes.

It's Russell Grow!

There's always plenty of cruel speculation about which female Hollywood stars have had work done — but hardly any scrutiny of the fellas.

Gladiator star Russell Crowe and Brad Pitt, both 60, were out and about this week.

I'll leave you to decide which one has chosen to age gracefully... without strict diets or the services of Dr Tweakment.

Brad Pitt, 60, was spotted out and about this week... was Gladiator star Russell Crowe, also 60

Russell plays a Roman general in the 2000 film Gladiator

New Today presenter Emma Barnett mocks MP Mel Stride before the election, asking: 'Why don't the people want you?' Meanwhile, on Woman’s Hour, the show where Emma shone, divorced presenter Anita Rani boasts about being sexy and single. Only the BBC could ruin two great programmes at once.

Homes Under The Hammer presenter Martin Roberts is bewildered why, after 1,500 episodes and 20 years, the programme has never won a major TV award — even though it's on BBC1 five mornings a week and is 82-year-old Paul McCartney's favourite.

Hate to break it to you, Martin, but most people below retirement age would need to be hammered down in front of their TV set to watch an entire episode.

I'm beeping mad about doctors' strike

To all of those tooting their horns in sympathy with striking junior doctors who insist their 35 per cent pay rise demand is justified, I just point out that the cost to ordinary folk of NHS industrial action has reached around £3 billion and meant 1.5 million cancelled operations and appointments. You wouldn't be tooting if it was your mum whose op had been postponed.

Strictly strange

Writing on The TV Mindset, a forum for TV industry workers, someone claiming to be a friend of Amanda Abbington asks if anyone who worked on Strictly experienced 'bullying' by star dancer Giovanni Pernice — as Amanda claims she did.

'It is important to hear as many accounts as possible from others who were treated inappropriately,' says the writer.

'This is crucial in supporting Amanda's case.'

It's beginning to look like a witch-hunt — only the witches are doing the hunting.

Amanda Abbington and Giovanni Pernice on last year's Strictly Come Dancing

Wimbledon watch

Not a dry eye on court, in the stands or watching at home as Andy Murray lost in the men's doubles and paid tribute to his mum and dad, Judy and William (I couldn't have done it without you) as well as wife Kim ('I'm looking forward to the rest of our lives.' And we're looking forward to seeing him back at Wimbledon — he's suggested he might be a coach — giving kids the chance he once received to become a true British champion.

Eco-nut organisers are offering hospitality guests a plant-based, carbon-friendly Victoria sponge with Flora spread and coconut cream. Why not go the whole hog, and rewild Centre Court?

As the Beckhams celebrate their 25th anniversary, they post an 'intimate' picture of their first holiday in 1997.

Well done for surviving 25 years. But how exhausting it must be for the £450 million couple to wannabe so desperate to invade their own privacy that they can’t stop sharing private moments.

The Beckhams shared this photo of themselves on their first holiday in 1997 as they celebrate their 25th anniversary

Refreshing to see England's down-to-earth Wags in Germany, wearing flat sandals and comfy trousers, clutching babies. Not so down-to-earth was the cost of their flights in six private jets at around £35,000 each. The question is whether those kids — who may never turn right on a plane — will grow up too pampered to know right from wrong.

Wise of Ian McKellen, 85, to pull out of performing in the national tour of Player Kings after a fall from the stage damaged his wrist and neck. At his age we don't bounce back the way we did when we were young. Problem is, we don't bounce at all.

The horror of the plot to kidnap, rape and murder Holly Willoughby is unveiled in court, with Gavin Plumb found guilty. So shame on vile social media trolls who accused Holly of ‘staging’ the crime to get sympathy. Maybe she had them in mind when she said: ‘As women we should not be made to feel unsafe going about our daily lives.’

Gavin Plumb has been found guilty in the plot to kidnap, rape and murder Holly Willoughby

Cheers, dear Gary...and RIP

More than 160 families are now caught up in the Legacy Independent Funeral Directors scandal, not knowing if the ashes they were given are those of their loved ones.

Heartbreaking. I know what a precious ritual it is scattering the ashes of a beloved according to their wishes.

I’ve been doing it with my dear friend Gary’s — but so far I’ve only managed to get to half of his favourite pubs.

What's more astonishing — that Team GB's Olympic skateboard squad includes Sky Brown, aged 15, and Andy Macdonald, who makes his debut in Paris at 51? Or that skateboarding is an Olympic sport?

PLATELL: Bridgerton's mixed weight affair? I'd never date a fat guy (2024)
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