The Best Champions for the Sand Devil Dungeon (2024)

The new Sand Devil Dungeon has been released and we are about to break down some of the best champions to get you through the Dungeon! Now, you may not have these specific champions but we will list any replacement that does a very similar job but it may not be the most efficient.

You need certain requirements to beat this boss so follow this guide here to read up on the Sand Devil and find the best approach to beat this new boss.

Al-Naemeh, the Sand Devil is the dungeon boss you will need to defeat to acquire Oil, a resource used in Artifact Ascension. Al-Naemeh brings with him unique mechanics that will require you to unearth some long-forgotten debuffs (and champions as a result) to beat his mechanics! Let’s get into these champions!

The Best Champions for the Sand Devil Dungeon (1)

Noct the Paralyzer

He is one of the newer champs that was made for the Sand Devil so you can take all its oils! His a2 is what he’s all about!

Dreamer’s Demise – Attacks all enemies. Has a 75% chance of placing a [Sleep] debuff for 1 turn and two 5% [Poison] debuffs for 2 turns.

[Passive Effect]Places two additional 5% [Poison] debuffs for 2 turns whenever a [Sleep] debuff placed by this skill is removed or disappears after an enemy takes damage

Level 2: Damage +10%
Level 3: Damage +10%
Level 4: Buff/Debuff Chance +10%
Level 5: Buff/Debuff Chance +15%
Level 6: Cooldown -1

This means that he books to 100% chance to Sleep enemies and this is going to be very necessary! You need to sleep the Sand Devil or it will be your worst nightmare! If you have recently pulled Noct the Paralyzer then get him to use and get that Sand Devil dozing off! His a2 also places the Poison Debuffs which is what we need to take less damage!

Not only is he great for his debuffs he has skills to aid his team! His a3 is Ally Protect and Continuous heals along with his passive where whenever an ally is attacked while under an Ally Protection buff, has a 40% chance of placing a Sleep debuff on the attacker for 1 turn.

This champion really was made for this boss so don’t waste the opportunity to use him!


Acrizia is an aboslu*te beast of a Damage dealer and is perfect for the Sand Devil boss because everything she does is Enemy Max HP which means she smacks HARD!!! Acrizia is an absolute beast at doing damage to High HP opponents. She has a unique passive that will convert her attacks into Enemy Max HP multipliers should the target have more than double her HP. This makes her especially good at killing the Sand Devil!

Her a2 is what will really do the work booked to a 3 turn cooldown she will double slam the Sand Devil in the face and he will feel the impact the next day! She doesn’t mess around and will leave her mark on this boss. If you have Acrizia and haven’t geared her yet, first what are you doing?! Get this champion in every dungeon! And Second what are you doing?! Go Smack the Sand Devil!

She is very self Explanatory in why she’s so good however you need to be careful of her a3 because she will steal turn meter and it cannot be resisted so if you are full autoing this with her in your team turn her a3 off! Do it before asking “why is my Acrizia getting one-shot after she uses her a3?”

Make full use of her if you have her!


She is a free champion if you have your referral accounts on the go! And boy is she worth it! That revive is what really gets her the place in the list along with the other goodies she brings! Then she is a back up sleep champ in case your main man fails but it is a low chance and should be used as a backup if you have other options! She is a great support because nhttp://reviveot only that she can reduce cooldowns of your teams and this may come in handy to finish of the Sand Devil!

To get her make the alt accounts using your referral link because she is going to be important for this boss!

Duchess Lilitu

She is going to top tier, what can’t this champ do?! But her revive is amazing for the Sand Devil as she revives the whole team with 70% HP which is a load! She is just a great champion to have around if you have her. She doesn’t increase the Turn Meter which isn’t ideal however it is still good to have if you have no other revive AOE champions.

She does have Block Debuffs which is really helpful for when the boss starts using their a1 to slap you! Plus she boosts your teams ATK which can come in handy.

All this plus her passive which decreases damage taken from AOE attacks for all allies, this is amazing for this boss.

Ursala the Mourner

She brings a big AOE Revive on her a3 which will be essential for the Sand Devil. Plus Good buffs Increase DEF and Strengthen, these will make your team tankier and it may come in handy! She will be one of the best AOE revivers due to her reviving allies with 75% HP and fills the Turn Meter by 50%, this is massive for the Sand Devil as it brings your allies back alive and with the turn meter to smack the Sand Devil once again.

Mother Cybele

She brings a Revive on Death buff to all allies plus a 60% Increase DEF which is massive for the Sand Devil plus she was a fusion champion so people may have a copy of her. She also has a heal which will be needed to top up the HP levels of your allies. But the Revive on Death buff is crucial if you don’t have any other revivers, plus you don’t need her to be alive at the time she can fall but will pick herself up.


Harima’s passive is another option to deal with Feasting Swarm:

Demon Slayer [P] –

Enemy Ignore DEF effects are decreased by 50%.

Champions from the Demonspawn faction cannot inflict critical hits on this champion.

This champion cannot land weak hits on champions from the Demonspawn faction.

This passive works really well as it blocks more damage and can be a replacement for a revive champion but obviously this depends on your account and gear levels as what might be right for one person could be completely different to another. Her kit is kinda funky but it may be the key to the Sand Devil!

The Best Champions for the Sand Devil Dungeon (2024)
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