Ultimate Oathsworn Pit Dungeon Guide ESO - ArzyeLBuilds (2024)

Welcome to my Detailed Oathsworn Pit Dungeon Guide for ESO! Oathsworn Pit is one of the two Dungeons available with the Scions of Ithelia DLC, along with Bedlam Veil. Its physical entrance is located on the Northern part of the The Reach zone. In order to enter the dungeon, by foot(Markarth DLC) or via the Group and Activity Finder, you will need access to the Scions of Ithelia DLC(purchase or ESO Plus).

This Dungeon Guide is focusing on the mechanics of the Bosses you can fight inside. It will also show you where to find all Secrets in the Dungeon and how to solve them. There are three main Bosses you need to fight, in order to progress and complete the Dungeon. There are also three secret Bosses that you can fight and defeat. Defeating the secret bosses rewards you with special Buffs that will help you complete the Dungeon faster.

Table of Contents

  • Armor Sets
  • Main Bosses
    • Packmaster Rethelros and Malthil
    • Anthelmir’s Construct
    • Aradros the Awakened
  • Secret Bosses
    • Trial of Blood
    • Trial of Conquest
    • Trial of War

Armor Sets in Oathsworn Pit Dungeon ESO

There are four Armor Sets you can farm inside this Dungeon. One Light, One Medium, One Heavy and One Monster Set! The available Sets from Oathsworn Pit are:

Main Bosses in Oathsworn Pit Dungeon ESO

There are three main Bosses in the Dungeon, each with its own unique attacks and moves. The Oathsworn Pit Dungeon Bosses are:

  • Packmaster Rethelros and Malthil
  • Anthelmir’s Construct
  • Aradros the Awakened

Keep reading below to find out what their attack moves are and how you can defeat them easily!

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How to Defeat Packmaster Rethelros and Malthil Boss in Oathsworn Pit Dungeon ESO

Packmaster Rethelros is the first Boss of the Dungeon, that you have to defeat in order to progress further. Rethelros is accompanied by his hound dog, Malthil. An easy overall fight with a few hard hitting attacks you should be careful of. Before this Boss fight you can find a secret entrance that will lead you to the Trial of Blood area and the Dungeon’s first Secret Boss!

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Rethelros is a stationary Boss, throwing traps and shooting with his Bow while Malthil will hunt players around and is in general more mobile. Their main attacks are:

  • Rethelros throws traps in the area, that hurt and immobilize players. He also fires a volley of arrows, that follow a player around. Try to avoid the traps and the arrows.
  • Occasionally he will summon a Protective Totem that provides to him and Malthil a shield. Destroy the totem and continue attacking them.
  • Rethelros will mark a player, teleport farther away and fire a charged shot that leaves briefly an AOE on the ground. You can get out of the shot’s way to avoid damage.
  • His deadliest attack is a shot fired in a straight line. When you see the line coming out of him, block and try to get slowly out of its way.

Malthil has more basic attacks and works more like a distraction to the fight. However if you let her get near Rethelros, a circle will appear under both and she will enrage after a while. In her enraged state, Malthil can one shot you with her Heavy Attack. Try to keep them separated at all times. Her enraged state does not last long though, so if you fail to keep them separated just avoid her attacks.

How to Defeat Anthelmir’s Construct Boss in Oathsworn Pit Dungeon ESO

Lodge of the Axe is the second area of the Dungeon where you can find the Second Boss, Anthelmir’s Construct, as well as a secret entrance to the Trial of Conquest.

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A relatively easy fight as well, where your main enemy is the construct. Anthelmir will pose some threat early in the fight but later you will only have to deal with the Construct. Their main attacks are:

  • Anthelmir will summon a fire shield and attack you with projectiles.
  • Anthelmir also summons Cindermoth that target a player and detonate near them. Lure them near the barrels around the area to make them explode and leave a permanent fire AOE behind.
  • The construct’s main attack early in the fight is a large AOE in front of it that grabs a giant Axe. After some time it will throw the Axe in front of it again creating another large AOE attack.
  • While it is holding the Axe it can also perform a Heavy Attack to a player. Make sure to Block or dodge this attack.
  • At around 75% Anthelmir and her Construct will prepare an attack in the middle of the area but your Ally in the dungeon will stop them. From now on you will be fighting the construct only.
  • The Construct can now use a flamethrower-like attack in front of it. Tank should turn it away from the party.
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How to Defeat Aradros the Awakened Boss in Oathsworn Pit Dungeon ESO

Lodge of the Forge is the last area of Oathsworn Pit and where you can fight the Final Boss, Aradros the Awakened. Before the final Boss fight you can find and complete the Trial of War.

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Aradros is a tougher boss than the other two but still relatively simple with lots of ground AOE attacks! His main attack moves are:

  • He will often use a charged Heavy attack that can deal significant damage. Block or avoid this to survive.
  • He summons a ground AOE that lights up a few tiles on the ground. Avoid the tiles or you will suffer fire damage.
  • Aradros can charge to a player dealing fire damage. After his charge he will fire a conal attack in front of him.
  • During the fight he will also summon Awakened Fire enemies that attack you with projectiles.
  • Some tiles are filled with lava that pulses until it explodes in a cross shape around them. Avoid the tiles when you see the lava pulsing.
  • At around 65% Health he will force the middle of the room to explode. This causes more and more tiles around the area to deal fire damage.
  • When you drop his Health at 50% he will stand in the middle of the room, summon an orb of fire and become invulnerable. The Orb summons fire on all tiles around the area. A door to an adjacent room with more enemies will open.
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You have to defeat the new enemies in that room before Aradros can return to the fight. Inside this room there is also an unfinished Atronach, “The Smelter“. Go to the three forges inside the room and “Stoke” the fire. Then return to the Atronach to “Ignite” it. This will complete and wake the Atronach, which will assist you in the fight. Defeat the new enemies(1 to 3 depending on Dungeon difficulty) and return to Aradros. He will repeat his attacks but with greater intensity.

Secret Bosses in Oathsworn Pit Dungeon ESO

There are three Secret Bosses in Oathsworn Pit! Each Boss represents a Trial that you have to complete in order to get valuable buffs. These buffs activate special totems inside the Dungeon that will help you defeat the main Bosses. The three Trials and Secret Bosses are:

  • Trial of Blood – slu*thrug the Bloodied
  • Trial of Conquest – Bolg of Wicked Barbs
  • Trial of War – Grubduthag Many-Fates

How to Complete Trial of Blood

Before the first Boss fight you can find an entrance to the Trial of Blood on the North Western part of the map. Enter the cave and interact with the door. This will take you to the top of a deep pit. Descend in any way you like to the bottom where you will find the Totem of Blood. Interact with it to summon slu*thrug the Bloodied Secret Boss.

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His light attacks are deadly so the Tank should keep him aggroed. He summons red and green blobs that keep moving around and merging. He also slashes in a cone in front of him dealing significant damage. During the fight he summons ground frost AOEs that deal damage to your party, can fire a weak projectile that immobilizes you and charge to your location. An overall easy fight if the tank can keep this Boss aggroed. Once you defeat slu*thrug you receive the Blooded Vitality Buff. With this buff you get:

  • Increased Healing Done
  • Reduced Damage Taken

With this buff active you can see and activate the Totem of Blood inside the Dungeon. When you activate this Totem you get the following effect: Max Health is increased by 50%. When you receive damage, enemies within 5 meters of you are struck by Bloody Retaliation for 20% of your Max Health in Physical Damage once per 1 second. You also receive a stack of Totemic Coagulation, increasing damage done by Bloody Retaliation by 10% for 10 seconds for each stack of Totemic Coagulation.

How to Complete Trial of Conquest

The Trial of Conquest is located in the second map of the Dungeon but is locked to players. To unlock it you need to light up two braziers. The first is in the room where you find Shurkulung while the second is in a small room right before the Second main Boss of the Dungeon. Light them up both and return to the door in front of Shurkulung. The way to the Trial of Conquest is now open.

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Inside this area you will find several smaller braziers that you can “conquer” by interacting with them and a Totem of Conquest. Interact with the totem to summon Bolg of Wicked Barbs, the second Secret Boss of Oathsworn Pit.

Bolg is an archer that teleports around and shoots arrows at you. During the fight he sends forth Spirits of Conquest to claim braziers for him and change the color of their fire. Kill them to stop them. Alternatively you can claim their braziers yourself and switch them to your own color. He can also summon Spectral Archers that shoot deadly fireballs at you. Kill them as fast as possible. Bolg also attacks with a volley of arrows that follows you and deal ground AOE fire damage. You can avoid this one easily.

When you defeat him you will receive the Conqueror’s Vim Buff, which increases Magicka and Stamina recovery. After that you can see and activate Totems of Conquest in the Dungeon. With those you Restore 16 Ultimate to you every 2 seconds and Restore 8 Ultimate to other players within 5 meters of you every 2 seconds.

How to Complete Trial of War

Trial of War is the third and final Trial in Oathsworn Pit. You can find it by following a path right before the final Boss fight. This not so hidden path will lead you to a large area with several forges inside. Here you will also find the Totem of War. Interact with it to summon the third Secret Boss of Oathsworn Pit Dungeon, Grubduthag Many-Fates.

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This one is easy! His deadlier move is a Heavy Attack that can one shot you easily. Block or avoid it to survive. He also does a meteor-like AOE attack that you can block. However Grubduthag will run often to the forges and use them to summon Flame Atronach as allies. If you let him he will summon enough to overwhelm you. The best way to counter this is by summoning your own Cold-Flame Atronachs as allies by using the Forges yourself!

When you kill him you receive the Warrior’s Visage buff, which increases your Weapon and Spell Damage. With this you can see and activate Totems of War inside the Dungeon. With those, Each time you use a Light, Medium or Heavy Attack, damage your target with Warrior’s Wrath for 4510 Flame Damage. Enemies struck by this attack receive a stack of War Weary, increasing damage received from Warrior’s Wrath by 10% for 5 seconds for each stack of War Weary on your target.

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Ultimate Oathsworn Pit Dungeon Guide ESO - ArzyeLBuilds (2024)
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