How to Find Your Chase Routing Number: 4 Easy Ways (2024)

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Quickly locate your account and routing number to pay bills with ease

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Are you ready to start a new job or file this year's taxes? You may be asked to provide your routing number, but what is that, and how do you locate it? A routing number indicates which bank your checking or savings account is at so your employer or the IRS knows where to send you your money. In this guide, we'll teach you everything you need to know to quickly locate your Chase routing number.

Locate Your Chase Bank Routing Number

Log into your Chase bank account online or on the app. Select the account you want to review, click "show details," and retrieve your account and routing number. The routing number is located in the bottom left corner of a paper check, or contact your local Chase branch for assistance.

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How to Find My Chase Routing Number on the App

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  1. 1

    Sign into the Chase app and tap the account tile or name. Enter your username and password into the Chase mobile app or use your biometric fingerprint to gain access.[1]

    • If you don't have the Chase mobile app, visit your device's Play Store or Apple Store. Type in "Chase Bank" and click "Install."
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    Select “Account Details” and “Show more” to get the routing number. If you have multiple Chase banking accounts, like a Checking and Savings account, select the account tile you want to access. Tap on your balance or the account name. Beneath your available balance, look for "Account Details" and select "Show more." Locate your account and routing numbers beneath the present balance.[2]

    • A routing number is a 9-digit number used for direct deposits and Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions.
    • ACH is for all kinds of fund transfer transactions, like direct deposits for paychecks.[3]
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How to Find My Chase Routing Number Online

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  1. Sign into your Chase account and click “see full account number.” Visit and click "Sign in" on the top right corner of the screen. If you have multiple accounts, review each of the last four digits to ensure you access the correct account. The account number appears above your account information. Select "see full account number" next to the account name to access your bank account number and routing number.[4]

    • The routing number can be identified as a 9-digit number with “Routing Number” next to it.
    • Register for an online Chase account by visiting and select “Enroll Now.” Use your account, card, or application number and social security number to register.[5]

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How to Find My Chase Routing Number on a Check

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  1. Look for a 9-digit number on the bottom left corner of the check. A paper check will have three different numbers listed on the bottom: a routing number, an account number, and a check number. The bottom left is the 9-digit routing number, the bottom center is the account number, and the bottom right is the 4-digit check number.[6]

    • Every check will have these digits listed on the bottom. The only one that changes is the check number.
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How to Find My Chase Routing Number in Person

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  1. Call or visit your local Chase Bank branch. If you need help accessing your account on the Chase mobile app or website or need more checks, call your local Chase bank for further assistance.[7]

    • You may need to provide additional information, like your Social Security number, or answer security questions before they can provide you with your account or routing number.
    • Do not give anyone your personal or financial information on the phone unless you've initiated the conversation or recognized the organization or personnel as an authorized source to protect yourself from fraud or theft.[8]

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What is a routing number?

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  1. Routing numbers are ID numbers for banks to send or receive funds. When conducting a financial transaction, like setting up direct deposit or sending money through Zelle or Venmo, routing numbers inform the other party which bank should make your deposit. It’s used for tax refunds, paychecks, stimulus checks, and government benefits[9]

    • Routing numbers are only for United States banks and credit unions.
    • Routing numbers are also known as ABA routing numbers, which stand for the American Bankers Association, which assigns routing numbers to each United States financial institution.[10]
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Routing Number vs. Account Number

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  1. Routing numbers identify banks; account numbers identify the account. Account numbers are assigned to each account you have at Chase. For instance, if you have a checking and savings account, they'll have a different account number but the same routing number representing Chase as the financial institution. Account numbers help ensure money is sent or removed from the correct account.[11]

    • When signing up for direct deposit for your employer, you'll provide both the account and routing numbers to ensure your paychecks get sent to the correct bank and account.
    • Use a secondary account, like a savings account number, if you have a side gig solely for building up future funds!

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How do I find my Chase account number?

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  1. Look for your account number right next to your routing number. Use the earlier methods for locating your routing number on mobile, online, with a check, or in person. Account numbers are located above or below the routing numbers. Chase account numbers are 8 to 12 digits long. However, in some cases, they can be as long as 17 digits.[12]

    • Debit card numbers and bank account numbers are different. Debit card numbers consist of 16 digits, which can be located on the front of your Chase debit card.[13]
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